Blue Knights Successful in 2015 Drum Corps Challenge

Denver, CO – The 2015 Rocky Mountain Rivalry “Drum Corps Challenge” has come to a successful conclusion!  Thanks to the donations from our BK Nation, we were able to beat our goal of $30,000 by raising $39,487.97!  This incredible outcome was only possible because of those who supported the Blue Knights.  Our supporters played a pivotal role in helping ensure that this year will be a moment in the Blue Knights history that will define the drum corps for years to come.  The Blue Knights Donor “Honor Roll” (below) includes not only alumni, but parents, volunteers, staff, fans and supporters of the Blue Knights–-a diverse group of people whose common ground is the wish to see programs like ours not only survive in the years to come, but thrive and grow. 

The Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps has grown in leaps in bounds on and off the field over the past several years thanks to our supporters (Photo credit: John Loyola)

The Rocky Mountain Rivalry with the Troopers raised a combined amount of $53,662.97! While the Blue Knights won the challenge, the real winners are both programs, who will be able to use these generous donations to finish out the 2015 season strongly and be well prepared to begin planning for the 2016 season.  This money will be used to provide food and fuel for the drum corps on the road, as well as educational opportunities for future members as we move into recruiting for next season.  This also helps the Blue Knights program grow on and off the field.

 This year the Blue Knights took part in a much larger fundraising campaign. They went head-to-head with some of the world’s best corps in the Drum Corps Challenge!  In this week long event, the Blue Knights accepted donations from all over the country in hopes that they would be victorious at the end of the week, and gain “bragging rights” over having the best Blue Knights supporters!

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Whether you donated $10 or $10,000, please know that we are very grateful for your support of the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps, one of Ascend’s programs dedicated to transforming hard working kids into high performance adults through the lessons that only competitive musical performance provides. The Blue Knights and Troopers would not continue to exist without the help of people like you!

Thank you again for all that you have done and continue to do to ensure programs like the Blue Knights and Troopers continue to be available for young men and women across the country and around the world.


Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps
Donor Honor Roll

  • Ken Adams
  • Tory and Leslie Afzali
  • Dan and Becky Alexander In honor of Evan Alexander
  • Gregory Andersen and John Palazzo In memory of Dinah Owens and Dan Burke
  • Orlando and Janet Archibeque
  • Brenda Bates
  • Kurt Bauche In memory of Sue Bauche
  • Terri Beaman In honor of Don Conroy
  • Alden and Joyce Bedard
  • Cindy Beggs
  • Bruno and Mary Bergeron
  • Veronica “V”
  • John and Jenny Bertsch
  • Anonymous
  • The Boydston Family
  • Debra B
  • Kent and Patty Butler In memory of Beverly Hannigan
  • Emilio Carrillo
  • Bryce Chamberlain
  • Howard Champoux
  • Todd and Janiel Chivers
  • Deb Cook
  • Neil and Dyan Corvino
  • Rosalie Danskin In memory of Christopher Danskin
  • Paul and Michelle Deere
  • Laura DeNovi
  • David and Jan Derby
  • Antonio D’Lallo
  • Max Donaldson
  • Pat Doyle
  • Jim and Liz Eliassen In honor of Jeff Eliassen
  • Kathy and Rusty Elliott
  • Penny and Mike Evans In honor of Keenan Evans
  • Scott and Leslie Factor
  • Alex Factor
  • Sandy Ferry
  • Jon and Amy Fung
  • Victor and Thelma Fung
  • Lori and Ted Garcia
  • CJ Garcia
  • Pat Gembarowski
  • The Griess Family
  • John Griffin
  • Mary Nell Griffin
  • Darrell and Deb Griffin
  • Janie Hamman
  • Evan Harris
  • Jordan Helwerda
  • The Hensel Family
  • JP and Joan Herring
  • Don and Beverly Hewitt
  • Andrew Holifield
  • Keith and Ann Huffman
  • Leigh and Ben Huseman
  • International Control Systems, Ins (Jason Robertson)
  • Gilbert and Juliet Jimenez
  • Pam and Brad Kellen
  • Doug Kelley
  • Tony King
  • George and Lynn Lindstrom
  • Nicky Kroge and Tom Morgan
  • Gregory “GM” Kuzma In memory of Lt Col Myron Kuzma, USAF
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Dallas Martin
  • Tammie and Bob May In honor of Glenn Ford
  • Keith Mersereau In memory of Opal Pulliam
  • Mike and Jessica Miller
  • Chuck Murphy
  • Scott Newell In memory of Gary Brattin
  • Seng Ng
  • Del Owens
  • Anonymous
  • Ward and Catherine A Pitkin
  • Paul Proctor
  • Phyllis and Joe Ratterman
  • Adrian Rivas
  • Shaun Roos
  • David Rowe
  • Lucas Sanchez
  • Cecile Sapienza
  • Angelo Sapienza
  • Cindy and GordonGordon Seeley
  • Russell Sielaff
  • Judith Skeen In honor of Aaron Bradford
  • Jordan Smelker
  • SSgt Trevor Solberg USMC
  • Kensie Stallings
  • Catherine Stevens
  • Sean Sweeney
  • Nhu Trinh
  • Cameron and Darby Ullyatt
  • Jeff and Julie Voris
  • Anonymous
  • Steven and Joanne Wille
  • Devon and Grayce Wilson
  • Shawn Wren In honor of someone
  • Mark and Sue Schultz
  • The Angells
Thank you to those who wanted to remain completely anonymous!

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