2017 BKXperience PE Posters Available for Download

Tzetzi - Colorado Mesa UniversitySpread the word about the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble in 2017!

Download a Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble BKXperience poster (by clicking on the download links below) and hang it up at your school to spread the word about the Blue Knights.  Take a “selfie” with your poster and post it on the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble Facebook page or tweet it on Twitter (@BKPercEnsemble) with the hashtag #BKSelfie and we may feature it in a future post!

You can also save the BKPE BKXperience graphic by clicking on the picture and “save as” a JPG. Post it on your social media accounts to let everyone know about the Blue Knights!

∴ Join the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble here!

» Download: 2017-BKPE-poster.pdf (8.5 x 11 PDF ideal for printing)

2017 BKPE Auditions