BKXperience-Denver (Dec ’15) Clinic Report

DENVER, CO – The Blue Knights held their second 3-day BKXperience Audition clinic weekend for the 2016 season, which saw another all-time record attendance for the Blue Knights. The BKXperience camp was once again held at Englewood High School with positive reports coming in from all areas of the Blue Knights organization.

“The goal of all attendees this weekend–whether they were auditioning for the drum corps or just there for the experience–in my opinion the mission was fulfilled,” said Blue Knights Assistant Director, Jordan Helwerda. “Regardless of the outcome for those auditioning they all walked away better a musician and performer and should be extremely proud of themselves.”

2016 Blue Knights drum majors (photo by Jordan Helwerda).

This BKXperience camp also saw a number of attendees going through the second and final round of a new drum major leadership experience program with an opportunity to become the next Blue Knights drum major for 2016. Four of the candidates were selected as the 2016 Drum Major Team for the Blue Knights: Myles Giller, Diane Huseman, Sarah Jones and Daniel Belcher. All four drum majors went through a rigorous audition and interview process over the last two months at the BKXperience camps in Denver. They were selected based on their attitude, conducting skills, strong leadership traits, and ability to commit to the Blue Knights in 2016.

“The Blue Knights are built around the idea of family, valuing each individual and their contribution to the drum corps,” said Myles Giller, 5th year member and 3rd year drum major. “The members and staff of Blue Knights also possess a relentless passion for the activity, where good is never good enough. We are always finding ways to elevate our performance and push the standards of the activity.”

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Percussion Caption Head, Mike Jackson, talks about the BKXperience for the drum line (photo by Heather Benton).

The Blue Knights color guard, with its largest number of auditions in recent years, contracted their members for the 2016 season at this December BKXperience. Caption Head, Brandy Dubose, was very impressed with the level of talent and training by the participants.

At the conclusion of the weekend, the brass, percussion and color guard performed for several hundred people in the traditional “show & tell” performance where the participants demonstrate what they learned over the two and a half days.

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This is the second year the Blue Knights formally held the BKXperience Audition camps with a two-fold purpose–to hold auditions and educate those who wish to become better performers. This weekend’s attendance saw over 260 total participants evenly balanced among brass, percussion, color guard and drum major (new for 2016). In addition, the level of talent overall was some of the best seen at Blue Knights auditions in December in recent years.

Next up: The final BKXperience 3-day camp for all brass and percussion call-backs will be held in Denver, CO, January 15-17, 2016 at Englewood High School. NOTE: There will be no color guard caption at the January BKXperience.

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