Blue Knights victorious in Front Range Face-Off

DENVER, CO – The Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble won the 1st edition of the Front Range Face Off verses Rise Percussion and Altitude Percussion.  BKPE finished with $4,771.76, with Altitude coming in 2nd with $2,005.00 and Rise in 3rd with $1,665.00.

Jake Euler (Rise), Amanda Montemayor (BKPE), & Eric Kruse (Altitude) all started their independent percussion careers with the Blue Knights.

The week-long event started at 12:01 am on February 28th and concluded at midnight following the WGI Denver Regional show on March 7th (click here for scores).  The three percussion ensembles competed against each other individually in raising funds in support of their respective annual campaigns.

With BKPE winning the Front Range Face off, they will be provided a potluck meal put on by Rise and Altitude percussion ensembles.

In addition, the funds raised will help the Blue Knights purchase their floor, uniforms, entry fees, and cover expenses (hotel, airfare, equipment truck, rehearsal facility rental, etc.) of their trip to the Winter Guard International World Championships in Dayton, Ohio in April.

Thank you to the alumni, friends, family and supporters who continue to ensure the success of the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble!  Their 100% tax-deductible gift will ensure their success this 2015 season, on and off the floor.


Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble Honor Roll

This “Donor Honor Roll” includes not only alumni, but parents, fans and supporters of the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble–-a diverse group of people whose common ground is the wish to see programs like ours not only survive in the years to come, but thrive. Thank you very  much to the following donors:

∴ Ken Adams
∴ Greg Andersen & John Palazzo

∴ Cat Anderson
∴ Mark & Jennifer Arnold
∴ The Baird Family
∴ Julie & Mike Butler
∴ Alexander Cardona
∴ Debra Cook
∴ Rosalie Danskin
∴ Kelsey Evans
∴ Keenan Evans Family
∴ Ivan Fees

∴ Sandy Ferry
∴ Jonathan & Amy Fung
∴ Vic & Thelma Fung
∴ Greco
∴ The Griesses

∴ Darrell & Deb Griffin
∴ Matt & Stacy Hartman
∴ Hensel Family

∴ Jordan Jacobsen
∴ Lisa Kaczmar & Shawn Taylor
∴ Rod Kosterman
∴ Gregory “GM” Kuzma
∴ Amanda Montemayor
Mary Pat McKenna

∴ Jourdan Ortiz
∴ Del Owens
∴ Mo & Peter
∴ Joe & Phyllis Ratterman

∴ Margueritte and Dennis Richard
∴ Steven Riddle
∴ Josie Scovill

∴ Leslie Schluter & Drew Sweeney
∴ Natalie Trenary