Frequently Asked Questions

The Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble is open to anyone under the age of 23 years on April 1 of each competitive season. We are not affiliated with any particular school or district, so anyone is eligible to join. Membership is determined at auditions. It is required for all members to be part of a placement assessment in order to be a part of our ensembles. Auditions in all ensembles occur before each respective season begins. It is best to check our recent news for any and all updates on when each audition is scheduled.

There are three important components to the complete audition process:

1. A musical assessment will be held at the very beginning of each season to determine which part you should play. This is executed first, with an individual audition, and second, in an open-teaching environment where each performer will play and learn the music in an ensemble setting. Individual auditions will occur as part of the pre-season BKXperience Audition clinics and will look at skill levels already presented within the musical assessment.

2. A visual assessment on marching (for battery members) and electronic knowledge basis (for front ensemble).

3. An on-going evaluation of your overall attitude and previous experience takes place during each session to determine someone’s potential within their placement in the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble.

Please note that the procedure described above applies to potential basis on each person selected. It is best understand that everyone will learn a great deal during a season and students who are not offered up position on the instrumentation desired can be put on a plan that will guide that performer into the preferred instrument in future marching seasons.

The Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble rehearses on weekends starting after auditions in November. All rehearsals are mandatory.

The Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble performs in the Independent World class at all RMPA competitions and the WGI Regional held in Denver. These competitions are typically held on Saturdays. The ensemble will also travel to Dayton, Ohio to compete in the WGI Percussion World Championships, which are held mid-April.

Membership Tuition fees cover nearly half of the operational cost for the ensemble. Tuition will be determined before auditions and briefed to prospective members prior to receiving a Member Contract.

Although attending one of our September or October BKXperience-Audition! Clinics for the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble certainly gives us the best opportunity to evaluate your talents (and you the best opportunity to show us your talents), you may submit a video audition under certain circumstances.

Contact your caption head instructor to determine if a Video Audition is appropriate:



If it is determined that a Video Audition is appropriate, your caption head will email you a link with instructions on how to submit your video. Audition material will be e-mailed in your transaction receipt as download links. Follow the instructions and email a video link (such as an UNLISTED YOUTUBE VIDEO) to your caption head below after you pay your fee.

Deadline for Video Auditions: October 20th

There are many volunteer opportunities within the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble during our competitive season! Visit our Volunteer page to see all our needs or email for more information regarding help.

If you have any further questions, please contact Keenan, BKPE Ensemble Manager, at or 303-777-1937.