Hoosie Martin Foundation awards grant to Ascend Performing Arts

 Hoosie, his great-grandson and granddaughter

Hoosie, his great-grandson and granddaughter

DENVER, CO – The Hoosie Martin Foundation recently awarded a $3,500 Fund Development & Capacity Building Matching Grant to Ascend Performing Arts, Inc. This educational grant is provided to help increase the self-sufficiency of organizations seeking to garner resources for their agencies to do more good.

The Hoosie Martin Foundation was founded to honor the legacy of Needom Hoosie Martin a grandson of former slave. This hard working farmer and carpenter’s life embodies the self-sufficiency and determination the foundation seeks to provide with various programs, grants and scholarships designed to improve people’s lives.

The Hoosie Martin Foundation is dedicated to empowering individuals and underserved communities through educational initiatives. The foundation seeks to secure the success and self-sufficiency of nonprofit organizations by insuring access to the educational and financial resources necessary to implement positive social change. Grants and scholarships are awarded based upon the interests and priorities of the foundation built upon grant commitments in designated strategic areas of education, social service and community development.

“Ascend Performing Arts is honored to be given this opportunity to expand the organization’s skills to acquire additional funds to further the education and growth of young people through participation in high-caliber performing arts programs that promote teamwork and discipline, develop leadership skills, and enhance self-esteem,” said Mark Arnold, Executive Director of Ascend Performing Arts. “This matching grant is intended to help continue Ascend Performing Arts’ positive work in the community and create greater funding opportunities which will result in increased sustainability for the Blue Knights ensembles.”