Spring Training Underway For 2016 Season

DENVER, CO –  Over one hundred members and staff of the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corp gathered at Northfield Stapleton Shops on Sunday, May 16th to report for Spring Training. Drum corps members and staff alike traveled from different parts of the world to begin their summer long journey with the Blue Knights.

With home being as far away as Canada or Japan for some, the first week back was dedicated to getting back into fundamental training. The phrase “first steps” is a common one, and the Blue Knights did not hesitate on taking theirs and went straight back to work despite the week of rain and scattered thunderstorms. The weather is beginning to warm up for the season, but the constant rain is proving no match for the Blue Knights.13254923_10210080395665494_2529816083412729355_o

With staff making daily airport runs, the drum corps is coming together more and more. Some members are finishing up course work and graduations with other staff members joining the drum corps in the near future. Even so, the Blue Knights continue to work on refining fundamentals in both visual and music as members continuing arriving. The battery percussion began their spring training in southern California with their respective staff and will be joining the rest of the Blue Knights in Denver on June 4th.

Within the first week of moving in, the Blue Knights have made extensive progress with The Great Event (show info here) and continue to improve daily. The drum corps continues its preparation during twelve hour daily rehearsals for the summer national tour where they will compete in over twenty different states. The first week of spring training also included interactions between the Blue Knights and the Windsor High School marching band as they were concluding their spring band camp.

Meet the Blue Knights

SydneyBrownSydney Brown is a second year trumpet player with the Blue Knights. She marched trumpet for 4 years at Loveland High School and is currently a student at Brigham Young University in Utah.

After her first week back, Sydney said “I feel awesome! I’m sore and tired but we’ve been working really hard, but it’s just really fun to be back on the field”.

This is Sydney’s second year with the Blue Knights and she says she feels more confident now then she did as a rookie. “I’m still just as sunburnt though” she said.


Jacob Rodriguez is a baritone player marching his second year with the Blue Knights and 5th year of drum corps overall. Jacob is Music Education student at the University of North Texas and is excited to return to the Blue Knights this season. Jacob said “we achieve at a much higher level (with Blue Knights) and I think the staff cares a lot about the members”.

Jacob enjoys the environment with the Blue Knights and is looking forward to another tour: “my body hurts, more than I thought it would, but right now I’m just riding the wave,” he said.

11229905_1130852090277270_2503892805134036581_nFormer Boston Crusaders member Elaina Eber is a first-year synth player with the Blue Knights this season and enjoys the Blue Knights atmosphere.

“I think we have gotten so much done!” she said regarding the improvement the Front Ensemble has shown throughout the first week. “It was definitely a struggle and I already feel this week has made me stronger, as a person and as a player” said Elaina.

Long hours and bad weather could not stop these Knights from pushing forward in the first week of spring training. With the first week at Windsor High School over, the Blue Knights are fast approaching the rest of spring training and the start of summer tour on June 17th.

The Great Event is coming farther along every day and the finals performance in August is fast approaching. The passion and hard work is undeniable, and the Blue Knights are on full speed greatness.

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