Staff Background Checks

All Staff Must Undergo a Background Check

All Drum Corps and Percussion Ensemble Staff and Administrative teams must have a background check.  So must anyone instructing or teaching in any of our clinics or after school programs.  (Volunteers have different standards and must use a different link).

This is in line with new policies coming down from DCI so don’t feel we’re not trusting of anyone. It’s a good practice that we want to be more consistent with.  The background check is for nationwide sex offender and criminal activity, federal court, as well as statewide (and/or county) criminal database hits.  These come back complete inside of 48 hours in most cases but sometimes take up to a week.  We cover the cost of this service.  We do not accept “proof” of a check done by any other organization. Once done – it good for up to 2 years with us.

Below is a link to a third party vendor (One Source Background Checks) that we and many other DCI corps are using.  There are a couple of potential “Gotchas” in the online forms.  Please have a quick review of the screenshots below and don’t be “that guy” (like me).  😉

This is what you see when you click the link.

SCREEN #1 of 2

* Select "Yes" to the top question - pretty please.
* Select "Yes" on the Request Copy? field if you want a copy of your final report.
* Fill out at least the fields shown in red.

Inline image 6

SCREEN #2 of 2. - Click the "SIGN General Release" circled link thing on the form 
(the circled text prompt is wrong in this example).  It will send you an email to 
sign a PDF of your release to this process.  Once you click the link you can go on 
to click on I Agree and ENTER ORDER.  

(FYI - there are links to some special state specific documents you can read) 

Inline image 2


* You're now done with the 2 screens and can close your browser.  
* Go to your inbox and you should have this PDF to read and sign. 
* Once you sign it (2 locations) and Submit it - you're all done.

Inline image 3

Check for state specific stuff as it applies to you.

Inline image 4
Thank you in advance for helping get this taken care of!
Email Keith Huffman with any questions.