Ascend Volunteer Council

We will soon be looking for a committed group of volunteers to form a Volunteer Council. The council’s purpose will be to oversee and help implement the many functions required to support the groups and activities of Ascend Performing Arts. (Whew! That’s a mouthful. Let’s just say we’ll work to keep our drum corps, percussion ensemble, and events running like well oiled machines.)

Both committee member and chair positions will be needed. Chair positions will require more commitment, communication, and probably time. Not in the Denver Metro area? Not to worry. We are actively considering several ways to allow remote tasks and participation.

The committees currently under consideration include:

• Volunteer

• Uniforms

• Merchandise

• Transportation

• Facilities Maintenance

• Fleet Maintenance

• Event Support

• Construction

• Regional Support

If you have any initial interest in being part of the ground floor of this council, as either a chair or committee member, please contact:

Keith Huffman
Volunteer Coordinator