Volunteer FAQ/Links

Q: What volunteer openings do you have?

A: All of our volunteer needs (90% of them anyway) are posted for online signup at: THIS LINK.  Any other needs will also be posted on that page with a request to contact Volunteer@AscendPerformingArts.org.

Q: I’m a first time volunteer.  How do I tell you I’m interested?

A: Please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form: HERE

Q: How do I sign up?

A: With the exception of tour volunteers and some ad-hoc work, 90% of our volunteer shifts are available for self-service online signup at our Volunteer Opportunities Page.  If you have multiple volunteers coming with you, you can specify # of volunteers and list the names of the other volunteers during signup.  Individual signups are preferred for frequent volunteers for more accurate grant proposal needs and for individual “thank you” emails.

Q: What if I will be late or have to cancel?

A: Events happen.  It’s a fact of life.  If you’re just a couple of minutes late it’s no big deal. If you’ll be very late or have to cancel – please email our volunteer coordinator at Volunteer@AscendPerformingArts.org and please give as much notice as possible.  We don’t schedule in much if any slack so every person counts.  We need time to find a replacement.

Q: What if shift times don’t exactly line up with my availability?

A: Usually that’s fine.  Just email our volunteer coordinator at Volunteer@AscendPerformingArts.org and chat it over.  It’s often workable.

Q: What should I expect as a day camp volunteer? 

A: Day camps need a couple of people to help with the check-in and registration process.  Lunch is usually delivered so a couple of people are needed to help setup, serve, and clean up.  Sometimes we also look for someone to drive our out of town staff between the airport and camp and back.

Q: What should I expect as a weekend camp volunteer?

A: Registration help, shuttle van drivers, food/kitchen help, and sometimes merchandise tent help.  We spell each of these and other tasks out in detail with our needs.

Q: Can I overnight at your housing?

A:If you are volunteering with us, we will allow you to stay with us for housing at the camp site.  The volunteer coordinator MUST be aware of this prior to camp.  Please email our volunteer coordinator at Volunteer@AscendPerformingArts.org if you wish to stay at our housing.  You will get fed for all meals you’re on the job for.  (Packing wise, pretend you are going tent camping – just forget the tent.).

Q: What should I expect as a summer touring volunteer?

A: The short answer is “very long days”.  It sounds rough and it might be, but the majority of people find it satisfying.  Rather than take up a lot of time here, please read our Tour Volunteer Manual.

Q: How long are shifts?

A: You will know the anticipated length of the shift when you sign up. We try to limit our shifts to about four hours blocks.  Some are less.  Some are a bit more.  Summer traveling volunteers regularly see 16 hours shifts (Bless them!).

Q: What do I need to bring with me?

A: Usually just your good spirit and desire to help.  If any special requests are needed, those will appear in the signup.  Your typical common sense for the situation will usually be just fine.  Proper clothing and a water bottle are always beneficial.

Q: What do you provide for me?

A: We’ll try to provide everything you need to get the job done (but see the above question).  We have volunteer t-shirts available at most of our camps and on tour.  For camps and tour where meals are being offered, you’ll get fed too if you shift covers that time period.  If a non-camp shift covers a meal time, we often will provide something to eat and will state that in the signup.  Depending on the event, we provide name badge lanyards to identify you to our other volunteers, staff, and facilities hosts.  For information about housing, contact Volunteer@AscendPerformingArts.org.

Q: Where will I be volunteering?

A: The location will always be specified in the volunteer signup.

Q: Who will I be volunteering with?

A: Other volunteers of course.  And oftentimes some of our staff.  Everyone is there for the same reason.  For the job.  For the kids.

Q: What if I have an idea for a volunteer job that’s not listed?

A: Awesome!  Just email our volunteer coordinator at Volunteer@AscendPerformingArts.org.

Q: What if I am interested coordinating or organizing?

A: Awesome!  Just email our volunteer coordinator at Volunteer@AscendPerformingArts.org.

Q: Do I need a background check?

A: It is possible depending on the shift/job/situation. We would not run one without your permission.  Most day-help type activities won’t require one.  If you are put in a position of trust, or will stay overnight, then that activates our trigger that one is needed.  However, for shuttle van drivers we will ask for not only a background check but also for driver’s license info.

Q: Am I too young or too old?

A: Too old is a relative situation.  If you feel up to the task then you’re more than welcome.  Too young is possible.  Under 12 is iffy.  We do allow minors 12-16 to help when supervised by the also volunteering parent/guardian.  17 and 18 year olds may be unaccompanied but must have a parent waiver first.  18 and over is good for most everything else – except driving.  Drivers must be at least 21 if driving alone and at least 25 if carrying occupants.  Contact Volunteer@AscendPerformingArts.org if you have any concerns about age.

Q: Who do I contact with more questions?

A: Submit your questions or FAQ suggestions to our volunteer coordinator:

Laura Achilles at Volunteer@AscendPerformingArts.org.  THANK YOU!!!