Volunteer Spotlight


As an organization that relies so heavily on the volunteer efforts (and donor gifts) of so many, we too often get caught up in the hustle of our daily operations that we can, and do, fall short in recognizing those that give so selflessly to us.  The spotlight articles below attempt to bring into focus the stories of the people that help, or helped, keep us going.

Everyone has a story why they are here with Ascend Performing Arts or one of our programs or events.  We hope you will enjoy the stories of others and perhaps you will wish to create or share your own with us.  There will be no strict sequence of who is featured when, but rather when there are sufficient details to create an article.

If you want to create your own experience with us we can help you find your place.  You can start at our Volunteer web page https://ascendperformingarts.org/volunteer and/or send us an email to connect with us to explore how you can help.  You can also send us an email if you have tidbits of volunteer, or donation news, about someone that think needs to be shared.  Anything done anonymously will have to remain that way however.

Enjoy and Thank You!

Keith Huffman
Ascend Performing Arts
Volunteer Coordinator


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Spotlight Articles

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