How do auditions work?

We hold 3-day weekend BKXperience-Audition! Camps in November and December in Denver and several 1-day BKXperience-Audition! Clinics at locations outside of Colorado.

Staff will evaluate potential members individually and in group rehearsal settings. All returning members are required to re-audition with new auditionees so that equal consideration may be given. Selection of our membership is based upon an individual’s talent, attendance, attitude, physical health, and ability to pay fees.

BRASS: For Brass, all listed auditions are part of a two-step process. The November and December BKXperience clinics are designed to introduce you to the drum corps as well as to allow you the opportunity to audition for the drum corps. It is highly recommended (although not mandatory) that prospects attend more than one of the clinics and camps offered in November and December to increase your exposure to our instructors and materials. Several contracts for membership will be awarded at our Denver December clinic and auditions for remaining spots will continue into January. Brass members accepted should plan on attending training camps in January, February, March, and April.

PERCUSSION: All audition/BKXperience clinics in November are designed to introduce you to the Blue Knights as well as to allow you the opportunity to audition for the percussion section. Although not mandatory, it is recommended that prospects attend more than one clinic to increase your exposure to our instructors and materials. Prospective percussion members MUST attend at least ONE audition/experience camp in November (no videos unless overseas) to receive a callback for final auditions. FINAL audition callbacks will be held December 13-15, 2019 in Denver (exception for those attending the Indianapolis camp December 22, 2019, this will serve as your initial and final audition camp)

NOTE: Percussion does not have training camps in February and March but contracted members are expected to return for April camp. This allows percussionists to participate in Winter Guard International events.

COLOR GUARD: Color Guard auditions will follow a two-step process. The November clinic is considered round one and the December clinic round two. In December, if accepted, you will be offered a contract to participate in the drum corps. The Blue Knights encourage all members of the Color Guard to participate in the Winter Guard activity and therefore Blue Knights guard members will not return until the April training camp. If accepted, color guard members are expected to fulfill all homework assignments and financial commitments to the drum corps including making scheduled tuition payments.

DRUM MAJOR: Anyone looking to audition for Blue Knights Drum Major or who just wants to gain experience going through the process should plan on attending both the Denver November and December Camps. The BKXperience 3-Day Camp in Denver in November is open to anyone interested. Participants will work closely with current Blue Knights Drum Majors, learn and practice conducting techniques, share leadership experiences, and conduct the Blue Knights during the “show & tell” at the conclusion of the weekend. All drum major participants will receive feedback. Those interested in auditioning for Drum Major will also go through an interview with the Blue Knights staff. Those candidates who perform well will be invited back to the December 3-Day Camp in Denver for the final round of selection as a Blue Knights Drum Major.

NOTE: Drum Major auditions in November are held in Denver and not typically at 1-Day Clinics.