How do I become a Blue Knight?

BKXperience Clinics are located in different areas of the country to make it easier for you to try out without having to purchase a plane ticket and other travel expenses. During the BKXperience Clinic, you will meet and learn from the world-class Blue Knights instructional staff and receive feedback on your marching and playing abilities. You will find out whether you would be a good candidate to audition in November and as a call back in Denver in December. Members who are chosen for the drum corps will be required to attend subsequent winter camps in Denver, Colorado. Color Guard members chosen for the corps will not be required to attend another camp until April. The reality is that you will never know unless you try.

While most people who march for the Blue Knights are between 15 to 21 years old, we recommend anyone interested at any age come to the BKXperience Clinics or Camps to learn more about what is expected.  It is also a chance to see how the Blue Knights operate as well as a chance for the Blue Knights staff to get to know you. Being a Blue Knight is more than just being a certain age–it is about your level of commitment, physical health, maturity, and attitude.

Each year, many potential members who could have made the corps cut themselves by giving up after just one camp or even before the first camp. Work hard, practice, have a positive attitude, and have fun.

» Visit the Audition Resources page to learn more.

Bottom line: You can maximize your chances by attending both audition camps, showing self-confidence and a desire to learn, and demonstrating that you can fulfill the membership criteria.