What happens after DCI Finals in Indy (or how do I get back home)?

About a week before finals, each member will be asked to put their name on one of two lists. Each list is basically how they are leaving tour after finals full retreat on Saturday (after all equipment and things are packed up and ready for transport). Expect people to start going their separate ways about midnight after DCI Finals is completed. Luggage will be separated by travel choice when leaving housing for finals.

The two options are:

1) Departing directly from the parking lot. This could be family or friends picking up or even the member’s self-reliance to their next destination.

2) Flying from Indy on Sunday (and need a bus to the airport). All airport people will load up and be taken directly to the airport. Typically people will find a space to curl up for the night inside the terminal along with several hundred other drum corps folks doing the same thing. Everyone needs to be self sufficient in terms of purchasing meals and ticketing and check in and such.