Volunteer Position Available for Denver Transportation Coordinator

Now “Hiring”!

We are looking for someone to coordinate the van shuttles for members arriving/departing by air, bus, and train at our monthly Denver rehearsal camps.  Come join our Volunteer Council and fill this role through April and preferably May (or longer if you like). Responsibilities and contact information are posted below.
  • Duties are confined around one weekend per month (rehearsal camp weekend).  Key activities are Wednesday/Thursday through Sunday of that weekend.
  • A few days prior to camp, confirm and correct any obvious date/time typos in online schedule spreadsheet.  (All data will be made available to you via a restricted access Google spreadsheet.  Data is live.  Members and volunteers submit via online form and staff info is entered by the office personnel).
  • Manage airport/bus/train shuttle runs for arriving and departing members, staff, and volunteers.
  • Schedule and coordinate shuttle runs based on arrival/departure info and communicate shuttle run schedules with all drivers.  Depending on needs there are one, two, or three drivers at any one time.  They work in four hour +/- shifts.  We have three vans.
  • Critical driving and shuttle run hours are 3pm-11pm Friday, 7am-Noon Sat., 7am-5pm Sunday.  Help drive as much as possible.  It’s best if you are onsite enough to make sure things get off to the right start and that handoffs of responsibility occur to other drivers.
  • Confirm departure info with members/staff on Saturday (have them confirm info as they go through the food line).
  • Be the point of contact for arriving individuals in cases of late or cancelled flights.
  • Make plan for getting two or three vans from Corps Hall to the housing site on Friday and back again on Sunday.
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to set desired number of drivers and key times for following camps.
  • Work with the Corps Director if arrival/departure schedule may require a charter bus.  If the Director agrees one is needed he will order it.
  • Must be 25 years of age (or older) and have a valid standard drivers license.  No CDL or other special licensing provisions are required.  A front and back copy of your license is required.
Keith Huffman
Ascend Performing Arts
Volunteer Coordinator