Staff BKPE


Keenan Evans – Director



Peter Lucero – Program Coordinator & Visual Designer
Colin Spear – Front Ensemble Arranger
Jeff Bickford – Battery Arranger
Danny Sibley – Sound Designer
Steve Turney – Graphic Designer
Mike Nevin – Ensemble Consultant


Jeff Bickford – Battery Caption Head
Garrett Aman – Front Ensemble Caption Head
Colin Spear – Front Ensemble Coordinator
Abigail Thomas – Front Ensemble Instructor
Malia Odekirk – Front Ensemble Instructor
Julian Davidson – Front Ensemble Instructor
Zach Barker – Front Ensemble Instructor & Tenor Instructor
Ruben Romero – Bass Instructor
Andrew Brickman – Bass Instructor
Michael Williams – Snare Instructor
Steve Turney – Snare Instructor
Dan Phillips – Snare Instructor
Daniel Salgado – Cymbal Instructor
Hailey Saxton – Cymbal Instructor

Full Staff Info for the 2021 season will be posted soon

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