Friendship Cup

The Friendship Cup Scholastic Marching Band Competition is dedicated to furthering the education and growth of young people through the participation in performance events for programs of all levels to achieve and grow.

Founded over 10 years ago, the Friendship Cup serves as a competitive circuit for scholastic marching band programs in the Rocky Mountain Region. Produced by Ascend Performing Arts, the Friendship Cup competitions allow bands to compete with other similarly-sized units, not based on school classification.

Band Classifications for Friendship Cup:

Class A (1-40 performers)
Class AA (41-70 performers)
Class AAA (71-100 performers)
Class AAAA (Over 100 performers)

2022 Friendship Cup Competitions


– Saturday, September 17, 2022 at Englewood High School 


– Saturday, September 24, 2022 at Prairie View High School

Clinic/Contest: Friendship Cup Clinic/Contest events contain a clinic portion and a contest portion. The clinic portion, done first in the morning on the day of the event, allows you to work directly with our highly experienced clinicians and receive instant feedback. Then, put that feedback to practice during the contest portion later in the day at the same event.

Prelims/Finals: Friendship Cup Prelims/Finals events contain two performance opportunities across a one-day event, and two instances of evaluation by the judging panel.

How do I Register my Band?

Registration Form

Complete the Registration Form

1 Please fill out the Friendship Cup Registration Form.


Submit Payment

2 Submit payment for any/all events your band will be competing in via the BKMarketplace or by check/purchase order to the Ascend Office. Pay before June 1 for a 10% discount.

Copyright Info

Submit Copyright Info

3 Before your event date, submit copyright info for your performance repertoire.

Friendship Cup Scores




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