Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble

Experience and Auditions

Thank you for your interest in the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble!  We are honored that you are considering auditioning with us as we embark into the 2020 Winter Guard International and Rocky Mountain Percussion Association season.

We are hosting 3 pre-season events this fall, including our two audition weekends to set the cast for the 2020 ensemble. The Pre-Audition Clinic (9/08) will focus on technique and is open to any drummer looking to improve their skills, whether or not they’re planning on auditioning for the ensemble. The Audition Clinics (9/15 & 9/22) are primarily for those drummers looking for a spot with the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble.


– Sep 8: BKXperience Open Clinic with BKW @ Englewood 9am-6pm
– Sep 15: BKPE Audition Clinic @ Englewood 9am-9pm
– Sep 22: BKPE Audition Clinic @ Englewood 9am-9pm


  1. Complete the registration form below first and then…
  2. Pay for your BKXperience event you plan on attending second.  
  3. Pay for your ONE-TIME BKPE Admin Fee (for all participants of BKPE BKXperience-Audition clinics) to get audition materials third.

(NOTE: The links to BKXperience event payment is below the registration form!)  

STEP 1: Complete Form

Steps 2 and 3:

Click the button below (opens a new page) to visit the BK Marketplace and pay for your your selected event(s) and the one-time Admin Fee:




Keenan Evans – Ensemble Director


Peter Lucero – Program Coordinator & Visual Designer
Colin Spear – Front Ensemble Arranger
Jeff Bickford – Battery Arranger
Danny Sibley – Sound Designer
Steve Turney – Graphic Designer
Mike Nevin – Ensemble Consultant


Jeff Bickford – Battery Caption Head
Garrett Aman – Front Ensemble Caption Head
Colin Spear – Front Ensemble Coordinator
Abigail Thomas – Front Ensemble Instructor
Malia Odekirk – Front Ensemble Instructor
Julian Davidson – Front Ensemble Instructor
Zach Barker – Front Ensemble Instructor & Tenor Instructor
Ruben Romero – Bass Instructor
Andrew Brickman – Bass Instructor
Michael Williams – Snare Instructor
Steve Turney – Snare Instructor
Dan Phillips – Snare Instructor
Daniel Salgado – Cymbal Instructor
Hailey Saxton – Cymbal Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who will be under the age of 23 as of 12:01am on April 1st of the competitive season can be a part of the ensemble. Although our membership consists of high school and college age members, students of all ages may come to our clinics or auditions.

We don’t know how many plan to audition again, however no one is guaranteed a spot whether they are a veteran or not. Every prospective member must complete the audition process regardless of their marching history.

WGI discourages independent ensembles from utilizing membership composed of any high school students who were previously enrolled in an active high school program and have not yet graduated.
We will evaluate a prospective high school member’s ability to participate in BKPE on a case-by-case basis.

You should bring sticks, a water bottle, and a printout of any audition materials that you have received after purchasing the Admin Fee. Battery members should wear athletic clothes and shoes appropriate for marching & movement.

The day will start with unloading our equipment and checking in at registration. Throughout the auditions the staff will be evaluating your musical & performance skill level, as well as your overall attitude and improvement throughout the day and from one weekend to the next. Lunch will be provided at the Clinic. Lunch and dinner will be provided at Auditions.

You do not need to attend all three weekends to be offered a contract, but it is to your advantage to attend as many weekends as you are able including the BKXperience Clinic on September 8th. By coming to all three weekends you’re allowing the staff to see you consistently performing at your best as well as your growth from one weekend to the next.

Rehearsals are on Sundays through October. Starting in mid-November rehearsals are Saturday and Sunday. From January through April we go to Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. We also have a 4-day camp weekend during the last weekend of December.

You can view the full calendar at:

We highly encourage our members who are interested to march drum corps. Once you’ve become a contracted member, you need to communicate your drum corps audition plans with your caption head.

For the 2020 season, member fees will be between $2,000 and $2,150. This covers the cost of instructional staff, show design, equipment, your uniform, rehearsal space, circuit fees, and the Dayton trip for WGI championships.

We offer a number of ways for members to help cover some of the costs of marching through scholarships, information packets on finding sponsorships, as well as other fundraisers. It is important that you have a plan ready at auditions to cover your member fees if you’re offered a contract.

If you have any other questions, please email them to Keenan Evans at

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