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How to Volunteer

Interest Form

Complete the Interest Form

1 Please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form. This lets us get to know who you are and how you are interested in helping us out.


Check Position Requirements

2 Check to see if the position you would like to fill has any special requirements. Some positions have age or skill restrictions, and staying overnight with the corps at a camp or on tour requires a mandatory background check.


Sign Up for a Shift

3 Register for a specific Volunteer shift that you would like to participate in. There are lots of ways you can help us! 

Why Volunteer at Ascend?

We Need YOU

We could not exist without the tireless effort of our volunteers – people just like you. Team up with other friends, fans, and alumni to help support the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps (BKDBC), Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble (BKPE), Blue Knights Winds (BKW), and other Ascend Performing Arts programs and events. Volunteering will give you the opportunity to be a close observer and support the high quality programs Ascend creates and you love.

Volunteering can work with anyone’s schedule at any time of year, whether you are able to donate an hour, a day, a week, or more of your time. You don’t have to be an expert; the majority of our volunteering opportunities do not require special skills other than your time and desire to help. For helping with any of our programs and events, we ask that our volunteers be passionate and friendly. Even minors can be accommodated in some roles but might require a parental consent from. If you enjoy leadership and organization, we’d be happy to talk about finding that role for you.

Why should only members of our programs reap the rewards of life-long friendships? Volunteers, too, become the best of friends – friends, and family for life. 

Is there hard, physical labor? For some positions, yes. Are there long work hours? It’s possible in some cases. The “thank you’s” from the members make your time and efforts very worthwhile! There is deep gratification knowing how you have helped young people achieve their dreams and goals.

Our Values

We wish everyone to have a rewarding experience. That includes our volunteers, staff, members, students to everyone involved. We expect everyone to sweat a bit from time to time and we likewise expect laughter from time to time. Our organization values Integrity, Collaboration, and Excellence. Do what’s right. Work with others. Strive for the best.


We require mandatory background checks on all volunteers that will stay overnight with us and on all drivers – either at a camp location or while on tour. If you are volunteering for a shift but not staying the night this process will not be required.  WE cover the cost, but it takes 3 to 5 days to turn around so please allow ample time for this to happen. This check includes National and Local Criminal and Sex Offender database searches by a third-party vendor. We spend about $20 to process your request and we will invest that in you, your time, and most importantly our students – so we ask that you please follow through on your volunteer commitment. The background check will be good for 2 years of service with us.

Shuttle Drivers will also need to supply a clear photo copy or photo of the front and back of their driver’s license. Our insurance agency will seek an MVR (aka driving record report).

These procedures are designed to promote the safety of our students, and appreciate your cooperation to ensure their welfare.


Read about Volunteering in our Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question? Send us an email at Volunteer@AscendPerformingArts.org

Volunteer SignUp

View all volunteer opportunities

Please make sure you have filled out the interest form before signing up for a volunteer shift.

Opportunities by Type or Ensemble


Volunteer on tour

Volunteer with the Blue Knights DBC as they travel across the country on their national tour. Prepare a meal or two, hem uniforms, drive, there are many opportunities to assist us! 


Volunteer at camps

Volunteer at Blue Knights DBC Audition and Training Camps over the Fall and Winter. Volunteers who stay the night are required to complete a mandatory background check.


Volunteer at Blue Knights Bingo!

Volunteer at Blue Knights Bingo! Bingo games are regularly held Wednesday and Friday evenings. 


Volunteer with the Percussion Ensemble

Our volunteer needs aren’t just limited to the drum corps. Our indoor ensembles need help too! Find out more about BKPE volunteer opportunities.


Volunteer with the Winds

Our volunteer needs aren’t just limited to the drum corps. Our indoor ensembles need help too! Find out more about BK Winds opportunities.


One-time or irregular Events

Sometimes we will need help with special tasks and projects. Find out more about those unique opportunities.

New volunteer opportunities open up regularly. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to help out by signing up for our newsletter and staying up-to-date on all the latest news from Ascend and Blue Knights. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question or seeking specific information? Check out our knowledge base.

Service Record

View Service Record

View your service record and see what shifts you are currently signed up for.

Hours Report

Self-report your hours worked

If you worked outside of a regular shift or a job that did not have a sign-up, please fill out those hours here.

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