Safety and Policies

Ascend Performing Arts places member and staff workplace safety in high regard when it comes to any and all forms of abuse or harassment. The Ascend Performing Arts Board of Directors ensures careful and consistent reviews of all harassment and discrimination policies that impact all 4 E’s that support Ascend’s mission areas: Education, Ensembles, Events, and Entertainment.

Our number one priority as a responsible organization is to ensure the safety and well-being of our members, students, administrative, educational staff, and volunteers. We have a responsibility to ensure everyone who works or volunteers for Ascend and the Blue Knights always has a safe and supportive environment.

Ascend Performing Arts strongly supports a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassing or other improper behavior by its executive team, staff and/or marching members. “In order for our support system to be effective, we must take a comprehensive approach with staff training, outlining behavior policies in our member handbooks, staff handbooks and volunteer handbooks,” said Griffin upon the update of these policies. “Background checks, compliance, training, and a continuous internal dialogue are all necessary to elevate the importance of safety, to raise our individual awareness, and to always insist on the most stringent behavior requirements when interacting with young people in our organization.”

Ascend Performing Arts has updated or introduced a number of policies including our whistleblower policy, staff, volunteer, and member handbooks, background check policy, and training requirements to provide more support to everyone involved in the organization to include those who partake in our Blue Knights ensembles.

The safety and well-being of Ascend students and staff is our priority. Read more about our Whistleblower policy and form here.

Policies and Procedures

Code of Ethics

Staff Handbook

Member Handbook

Background Check Policy

Training Requirements

Whistleblower Policy

Open Forums

Responsible Hiring Practices

Emergency Action Planning


Conflict of Interest Policy

Mandatory Reporting Policy

Media Policy

Non-Discrimination Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Trademark and Logo Policy

Youth Safety Policy

Medical and Care Pol;icy


Dietary and Food Preparation Guidelines

Driver’s Guide

Volunteer Handbook


Pre-Participation Physical Forms

Medical History Records Form

Consent, Acknowledgement of Risk, and Release of Liability Form

Vehicle Damage Report Form

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