The 2014 Blue Knights Present “That One Second”

DENVER, CO – Ascend Performing Arts is proud to present the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps’ 2014 show program entitled, “That One Second”. The repertoire includes A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics (James Horner), Brief Eternity (Bobby McFerrin, Roger Treece, Don Rosler), Hand of Fate – Part 1 from Signs (James Newton Howard), and To Build A Home (Swinscoe, France, Page, Watson, Smith).

Program Notes: When your whole life flashes in front of your eyes, what is actually one second seems to stretch on forever. That image could be a romantic relationship, a drum corps season, or a huge life changing moment like running a marathon or the birth of a child. It could also include tiny moments like a parting glance from a loved one or the memory of your grandmother’s hands folded in her lap. This reminds us that nothing lasts forever and inspires us to pay more attention to those moments. Life is a gift. In that spirit, the Blue Knights present their 2014 production: “That One Second”.