Blue Knights Announce Scholarship Winners

Ascend Scholarship Program

The Development Team works year round to collect funds for the Ascend Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance to members of the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps, The Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble, and the Blue Knights Winds. 

  • Ascend provided scholarships for4  members of the 2022 Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble and 19 members of the Drum & Bugle Corps.

2022 Scholarship Recipients

General Scholarships

This Blue Knights General Scholarship was established through fundraisers such as Online Bingo games, Raffle Sales or from donors who wish to help the scholarship fund.  This fund has been established by Ascend Performing Arts to help future members in need of financial assistance so they would be able to experience the thrill of marching in drum corps.

The 2022 recipients are:

Ellie Vogelsberg

Caleb  Manuere

Gregory Williamso

Jasmine Ifeakanwa

Ámhra Mussak



Alumni Scholarships

This Blue Knights Alumni Scholarship was established by the Alumni Association in 2017, which include alumni from the Blue Knights Drum Corps and Percussion Ensemble programs. The Association has sponsored fundraisers so that future members would be able to get financial assistance in order to march with the 2022 Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps.

The 2022 Alumni Scholarlship recipients are:

Chris Perez

Owen Tierney



Del and Dinah Owens Memorial Scholarship


This Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of long-time volunteers Del and Dinah Owens. They both spent over 20 years as volunteers. Del volunteered at drum corps camps doing airport shuttle runs; registration, shako fitting, food service, merchandise preparation and Dinah managed Merchandise and was instrumental in establishing souvenir sales as part of Ascend’s income. The Owens considered Blue Knights as family and the members their “children”!


The 2022 Del and Dinah Owens Memorial Scholarship recipients are:

Hailie Eaves

Sarah Cooper



Daniel J. Burke Memorial Scholarship 


The Daniel J Burke Memorial Scholarship was established in 2012 when Dan lost his valiant battle with cancer. This scholarship hopes to carry on Dan’s love and legacy of the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps and World Percussion Ensemble.


Music was a passion in Dan’s life and he was involved with the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps of Colorado for many years. He started as a snare drummer in the Corps. After “aging out”, Dan assisted the Corps’ Instructional staff and also served as percussion instructor for local high school bands. Eventually, Dan served as Director of the World Champion Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble, with three championship titles under his direction. He served as Vice President of the Ascend Performing Arts Board of Directors. As a devoted teacher and inspiring mentor, he helped young musicians develop their crafts and life skills.


The 2022 Daniel J. Burke Memorial Scholarship recipient is:

Javier Garza



Jeff Queen Snare Scholarship

Jeffery Allen Queen (better known as Jeff Queen) is a professional musician, who is a specialist in rudimental snare drumming.  Jeff marched with Canton Bluecoats, the Velvet Knights, Santa Clara Vanguard,  and the Blue Knights.

As a Blue Knights member, Queen was the Drum Corps International Individual and Ensemble Snare Drum Champion in 1994 and 1995 as well as the Percussive Arts Society Individual Snare Drum Champion in 1994 and 1995. He first rose to popularity while performing in Blast!, a Broadway musical.[2] Queen has appeared on Late Show with David Letterman and performed at the 2001 NBA All-Star Game.

Jeff donates as a recurring donor to support this scholarship for snare players.


The 2022 Jeff Queen Snare ScholarshipRecipient is:

Matthew Pletcher


The Gene Herring Memorial Scholarship

 This scholarship was established in 2006 in memory of Gene “Geno” Herring, a longtime Drum Corps International volunteer, and a former corps director, by Gene’s son, J.P. and his wife Joan, residents of Loveland, Colorado and long-time supporters of the Blue Knights.  

Based on the recollections of people who worked closely with Gene Herring, he was remembered as a remarkable volunteer whose first priority was to provide for the needs of every corps member.  They saw him as a calming and loving force at events.  It was this fondness for the corps members that guided J.P. and Joan to establish this memorial scholarship to support members of the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps.  Recipients of this honor demonstrate a passion for the activity, display leadership skills and exhibit an overall concern for the people around them all qualities that Gene Herring saw in many of the members he served. Priority is given to families with a history of volunteering for the drum corps, so go ahead and thank your mother for her contributions as a volunteer for the Blue Knights 

The 2022 Gene Herring Memorial Scholarship Recipient is:

Cleo Washington


The Renaissance Scholarship

This award is made possible by an Anonymous Donor who is aware of the hard work and time commitment individuals need to devote to perform their best.  Many times, this leaves little or no time for employment to raise funds.  The donor hopes that the scholarship aid will remove the pressure to pay fees and give members the time to prepare for the summer show.   Renaissance, in this instance, refers to many talents. There are members in this drum corps who made commitments to march in other ensembles during the winter. Therefore, this scholarship’s goal is to help members who request financial assistance and have marched in Winter Guard International sanctioned ensembles: color guard, percussion ensemble, or winds.


The 2022 Renaissance Scholarship recipients are:

Delaney Wirtala

Max St-Denis

Eric Day

Evan Turner

Joshua Dennis

Erich Brady

Liam Maxwell



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