Blue Knights-Bahrain Daily Blog Post (4.12.16)

Thoughts and feelings from Drum Major Ashley Drayer

Guttentag from Frankfurt! Well, it’s safe to say…. I slept! A little…. Sort of, well dozed, for a second. But I did catch up on some new movies that I hadn’t yet gotten a chance to watch!

It’s beautiful and green here, however a little dreary, at least from what can be seen from the plane and the airport. Everything at the airport went very smoothly for the group, so here’s hoping that everything arrives safe and sound upon arrival in Bahrain. It has been really exciting watching all of the videos from Bahrain about their welcome party, the set up that goes into the event and everyone starting to arrive. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I’m excited to embrace every last second. Every smell, taste, sound and experience.

On a totally unrelated note, it’s hilarious to watch our group at the airport. Some with coffee, some with beer, some with breakfast, some with bratwurst. It seems like everyone’s internal clock is thoroughly confused. I feel ya friends. Other than that, not much to report! I’m feeling some coffee in my future, and some sleep. (I know that seems contradictory, but I work in the coffee business…. At this point I’m fairly certain my blood naturally has a caffeine content). Excited that my next update will be coming from Bahrain! 7 hours to go!

Be sure to check in each day of our Bahrain trip for Ashley’s insights as she leads this group of passionate performers to a place where no drum corps has gone before!!

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