Blue Knights Reveal New Look for 2014

New Look BK

DENVER, CO – Ascend Performing Arts is ​ ​proud to present a new look for the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps 2014 Drum Corps International season. ​ This is​ the Blue Knights’ first set of new uniforms in ​​over a decade ​and begin​s​ ​a new chapter in the Blue Knights’ proud​ ​56 year history. ​ Authentic, aspiring, dynamic — the new design is built upon a foundation that captures the very essence of the Blue Knights organization — inspiring its future, while honoring its past. It is, unmistakably, Blue Knights.

This next generation Blue Knights uniform was designed by Tommy Keenum of The Band Hall, ​a​n accomplished visual artist and designer​ ​who explained his vision for the new design.

“I started with three elements. ​ ​I combined the sleek, contemporary style that the ​Blue Knights are known for, with a nod ​to ​their home state and a revamp of the “​DOTS​” logo that made such a splash when it was unveiled in the ​19​90’s. ​ ​Th​is​ new look is highly edited and minimal with a subtle theme of circular edges and ​DOTS rendered in a new color pallet of soft blue and white. ​ ​The colors fade into each other in ways that evoke the big open sky of Colorado and the logo has been transformed and repositioned in an exciting new way that highlights and pays respect to the ​​original.”

​Mr. Keenum also explained how the new uniform was designed with the Blue Knights’ 2014 show production “​​That One Second​​”​ in mind.

“The use of sheer fabric accents and ethereal white are in service of the dreamy quality of the Blue Knights 2014 production. ​ ​The coordination of the guard costume with the​​ corps is also a highlight of the entire thought process behind this year’s vision. ​ ​It is an exciting departure and a continuation of the class and artistry that is The Denver Blue Knights.”

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