Doug Kelley


Doug Kelley, a small business owner and consultant to animal welfare organizations, has left a mark on the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps. His involvement spans decades, dating back to the early 1980s. As a graduate of Northglenn High School, Doug joined the Blue Knights as the captain of the bass drum line in the winter of 1980, marching for three years until 1983. Notably, he also drove the color guard bus during the 1982 and 1983 seasons, making him the only “member bus driver” in the corps’ history.

Beyond his drum corps experience, Doug has been a steadfast supporter of the Blue Knights. He has volunteered at Blue Knights Bingo since 1981, contributing to the corps’ fundraising efforts. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in opening the current Blue Knights Bingo location in Arvada.

Doug’s commitment extends to Ascend Performing Arts events. He co-founded the Drums Along the Rockies Committee in 1985 and has been instrumental in managing the Drums Along the Rockies show since 1984. In 2021, he assumed the role of Events Director, following the passing of fellow Blue Knights Hall of Famer George Lindstrom. Doug also oversees other Ascend Performing Arts events, including Corps Encore in Ogden, UT, and Drums Along the Sandias in Albuquerque, NM.

His impact isn’t limited to the Blue Knights; Doug has positively influenced the Winter Guard International (WGI) community. He has supported the Rocky Mountain Percussion Association (RMPA) and the Rocky Mountain Color Guard (RMCGA) circuits through the years.

As a member of the Ascend Performing Arts Board of Directors for over two decades, Doug has held various leadership positions, including Board Secretary, Vice Chair, and Board Liaison to the Blue Knights Alumni Association. His unwavering dedication ensures that Ascend’s events operate at the highest standards, benefiting tens of thousands annually.

Doug Kelley
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