How Can I Support Ascend Without Spending A Dime?

How You Can Help

(Your skills and connections are often worth more than money to us!)

So many of our friends and family have asked the very simple question “How Can I Help”?

During these difficult times, we are all searching for ways to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  We may be tempted to be confused or angry at everything we see right now… but this situation has created an opportunity for you to make a positive difference.

There are so many organizations, especially nonprofit organizations such as ours, that need your help to enable them to continue their important missions.  At Ascend Performing Arts, we are committed to continuing our mission through these times and well into the future. For the kids who choose marching band, color guard, and percussion ensemble as their way to express, develop, and achieve excellence in life, we must be here for them.

Of course, monetary donations are the foundation of our existence right now and you can go to  to donate, but there are other ways to help us out that do not require the cash so many of us lack at this time.  Here is a listing of many of these items.


Could you, or people in your life help us with the following:

  • Vehicle storage – We are currently paying to store our 53-foot equipment and kitchen trailers.  Do you know someone who has a fenced and lighted storage lot we could place them in for free?  Would you be willing to make that ask? 
  • Transport – If we get free storage space for our trailers, do you know someone who could donate the use of their truck, so we can pull them to their new home without renting a tractor?
  • Equipment storage – Currently we are paying rent on a 10’ x 30’ storage pod behind our office.  Do you have a connection with someone who could donate a little storage space?
  • Who are those connections you have who might be willing to partner with us, financially, to bring our mission to youth?  Can you make a personal connection?
  • Be creative!  How can you help?


At Ascend we support the efforts and advice of our health experts to keep us and those around us safe during these challenging times.  Proper sanitation and social distancing are key to these efforts.  WHEN it becomes possible to do so, we will need help in our office, as we continue moving forward with limited staff.  Some of these items listed below can be classified as certainly “nice to have” over the next three years remaining on our office lease.

  • We are seeking help answering the phone and performing administrative support functions.
  • Our vans need some TLC (cleaning, oil changes, etc).
  • We need help reorganizing our warehouse after the hasty shut down of our indoor ensembles and drum corps.
  • We need help reorganizing and storing archival uniforms and accessories.
  • We would really love someone to take ownership of a project of displaying our historical pictures in our office.  We have a great legacy to show off!
  • We are looking for some cabinets for our break room: a sink base, drawer base, and overhead cabinets AND for someone to install these items.
  • Be creative!  There are ways you can help us to preserve the marching arts and the inherent benefits to the youth we serve.  We would love to hear your suggestions.

Your help is needed now more than ever to ensure that Ascend remains a viable organization now and in the future, fulfilling the dreams of young adults who choose pageantry arts.  In joining our resources, connections, skills, and ingenuity, our community can make this happen.


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