I am thankful for our volunteers!

At this season of thanks, I would like to say just how thankful I am for the fantastic donation and volunteer support over the last year and seen again at the BK Denver November audition camp last weekend!  Hence my smiley.

Don’t let the attached picture fool you.  First, I really am smiling under there.  Second, there were many more people involved than shown in the picture as a multitude of amazing and generous people came out to help.  In fact, over the course of the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, 198 people volunteered in one way or another for a total of 15,715 hours of volunteer work effort for all of Ascend’s programs and events (not just drum corps).

It was a great mix of friendly people doing a variety of tasks. Several worked 4 hours – most less than 20, and some over 700. Some donated goods – some donated money. Some worked camps, some worked events, some worked tour. Some were young – some were not. Some had kids currently in the activity – some did at one time – some never did. Some were alums of BK – some were alums of other corps. Some had friends at the camp – some had none. Some were first timers – some were familiar faces. Some were Denver area locals – some were from out of town/state.  Overall, just a great meld of people that like to help.

During that time while managing to get the work done there was swapping of stories, observing behind the scenes, sharing experiences, and plenty of laughs. Oh, and the treat to observe and hear the student’s gratitude, energy, commitment, and talent was the cherry on top.  It was awesome!

On behalf of the Blue Knights and Ascend Performing Arts – I Thank You All!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Smile!


Volunteer Coordinator
Ascend Performing Arts

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