NEW ASCEND EVENT: Drums Along the Rockies-Boise

BOISE, ID – Ascend Performing Arts is pleased to announce a new show event for the Drum Corps International tour: Drums Along the Rockies-Boise on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

Drums Along The Rockies-Boise is Idaho’s premier marching music event now managed by Ascend Performing Arts. It has been one of the most popular musical events of its kind thrilling drum corps fans and families across Idaho and the Mountain West region.

“We are excited to incorporate this Ascend Event as another way expand the opportunities for the world’s best performers to perform on another stage,” said GM Kuzma, Chief Operations Officer, Ascend Performing Arts.

The drum corps who have committed to participating in the Drums Along the Rockies-Boise show are: Academy from Tempe, Arizona, Blue Knights from Denver, Colorado, Columbians from Tri-Cities, Washington, Genesis from Austin, Texas, Mandarins from Sacramento, California, Santa Clara Vanguard from Santa Clara, California, and Seattle Cascades from Seattle, Washington.

Stadium, ticketing information, and show schedule is being finalized at this time. To get the latest updates, click on the button below to get email updates when tickets go on sale.Click for more info

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