Register for Blue Knights 2020!

DENVER, CO – The BKXperience-Audition! presents you with a great opportunity to become a Blue Knight and to learn from some of the best educators in marching arts activity. Each audition experience event offers instruction by our professional instructional staff and you will learn right alongside veteran members of the Blue Knights. We invite you to join us to learn the techniques and methods that develop the members of the Blue Knights into one of the very best performing ensembles in the world.



11/10 – Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX: 1 day clinic, ALL CAPTIONS

11/17 – Canyon, TX: 1 day clinic, BRASS ONLY

11/17 – So Cal: 1 day clinic, FULL PERCUSSION, BRASS, GUARD

11/22-24 – DENVER, CO: 3 day camp, ALL CAPTIONS

12/01 – Houston, TX: 1 day clinic, BATTERY, BRASS, GUARD

12/01- Austin, TX: 1 day clinic, BRASS ONLY

12/07 – South Florida: 1 day clinic, BRASS ONLY

12/07- Indianapolis, IN: 1 day clinic, BRASS ONLY

12/13-15 – DENVER, CO: 3 day camp, ALL CAPTIONS

12/22- Indianapolis, IN: 1 day clinic, BATTERY & FRONT ENSEMBLE ONLY