IMG_8496Ascend Performing Arts may provide a transport shuttle for our out of town members, staff, and volunteers for the following Blue Knights Drum Corps related activities.

Please ensure your request is submitted at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance of your time of travel or we may not be able to accommodate it. Shuttles, drivers, and support staff are limited and we need to plan our transit schedule in advance.

Traveling by plane, train, or bus is not a problem for the Denver area. For tour cities airport pickups/dropoffs are preferred.  For tour however, please check with the tour manager or the volunteer coordinator to avoid “No Fly” dates which are dates we are not able to provide a shuttle:

  • Denver-based Audition Camps
  • Denver-based Rehearsal Camps
  • Spring Training in the Denver Area
  • Joining/Leaving Tour


Shuttle Request

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