Tenor Technician


Matt Zintgraff believes in the value of several life skills, such as self-discipline, how to communicate, and how to work toward a goal through music. He wishes to help his students attain these skills and reap the many other benefits of participating in music, such as lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories.

Matt got his BM at Texas State University, where he served as a leader in the Bobcat Marching Band, received high-quality percussion instruction, and performed in the top wind ensemble. In addition to his college experiences, Matt marched quads with the Phantom Regiment, which served as a satisfying end to his Drum Corps career. Prior to 2019, Matt also marched at the Guardians Drum and Bugle Corps, Vigilantes Indoor Percussion, and Violet Crown Indoor Percussion. Once he aged out, Matt began teaching Drum Corps at the Soundsport Corps, Compass, and World Class Corps, The Spirit of Atlanta. Matt also enjoyed teaching at Fort Stockton HS and MS as the Assistant/Percussion Director for two years, and now serves as the Director of Percussion in Denison, TX.

When he is not teaching, Matt enjoys exercising, playing video games with his fiance, and spending time with his very vocal husky, Chomper.

From being in various groups and under a wide spectrum of instructors, Matt aims to teach his students the value of working hard alongside others with like-minded goals. In turn, Matt Zintgraff is wholeheartedly committed to bringing forth his many perspectives on percussion for the benefit of his students.”

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John Matthews II

BOARD MEMBER John A. Matthews II graduated from New Mexico State University, where he received