Donate Your Colorado Tax Refund

There’s a great opportunity to support the Blue Knights and Ascend Performing Arts by donating your Tabor Tax Refund! For income tax year 2023, eligible Coloradans can receive a Tabor refund of $800, or up to $1,600 for two qualified individuals filing jointly. Eligible Coloradans must file a 2023 Colorado state individual income tax return or PTC Rebate application to receive their refund. You may donate all or part of your Colorado Income Tax refund to the Blue Knights and Ascend Performing Arts!

Here is how you do it:

• Use Colorado Tax form DR 0104CH
• In Line 19 (on back of form) enter amount to donate
• Under Line 19 enter Registration Number: 20023005880

Supporting the Blue Knights has NEVER been so easy!

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