Thank You For Helping Feed the Knights!

Help Feed the Knights

DENVER, CO – The Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps wants to take a moment and thank all of the wonderful donors who helped feed the corps. The cook staff prepared 4 meals a day (with additional meals for dietary restrictions), every day from July 1 – August 15.

“These members are special, wicked smart, compassionate, and always so full of gratitude and grace.” said Sandra Van Dusen,  “They are so brave, openly expressing themselves in myriad ways. I loved watching them share their admiration and respect for their sections and their fellow corps members through hugs and applause. You should have seen them cheering each other on at the banquet. So uplifting. I loved watching them play on the swings at our housing site. They found joy in the small pleasures of life.”

THANK YOU to all our donors who helped us Feed the Knights this summer! We could not do this without you!

Julie Anthony Brandon Anthony
Jerry Zhao Rongjie Zhao
ANONYMOUS Carter Goldsworthy
Bradley K Patterson Colton Simmons
Wiliam Hobler Erich Brady
Rebecca McClellan Hudson McClellan
Ann Brady Erich Brady
Charles D. Walmer Joshua Schermerhorn
Irma S. Fox Jack Martin
Megan Bennett & Tim Johnson
Jessie Johnson
Anonymous Isaac Trent
Judi Rodewald Meiglan Rodewald
Carol Martin Jack Martin
Harold Harrison Jonah Hammett
Susie Dicken Seth Womack
Shirley Gerhardt Chase Llamzon
David Williamson Gregory Williamson
Angela Nelson Gabriel Lopez
K Detering Tyler Deterig
Harold &Jill Besch Carter Goldsworthy
Gene and Marilyn Yoder Caleb Jones
Cheri Shelton Jazmin Robinson
Anonymous Scott Hocker
Charles & Tina Crawford Jacob Cox
Autumn Recker Kyle Recker
Rose Leonardis James Leonardis
Donna Chan Ethan Chan
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Eckstein Gerard Brown-Eckstein
Joe & Mary Graves Owen Tierney
Corlette Womack Garner Seth Womack
William Reed Dalton Hooke
James Childre Evan Childre
Maryann Martinez Katz Chase Llamzon
Janice Lowery Edwin Lowery
Mitch Berger Bradley Carioti
Becky Spencer Eric Day
Ethan Schaffer Emma Duncan
Mary Lou Kuemerle Christin Kuemerle
Ellie & Tom Miller Alexander Mah
Dean & Linda Arnold Roger Vault
Glenn Kuemerle Christin Kuemerle
Jeanne Aviz Brooke Roth
Ken Haas Ian Haas
Anonymous Adam Wampler
Richard & Carmen Cashman
Timothy Cashman
Diane Naff Joel Hodges
Miner Vander Ley Brady Vander Ley
Anonymous Camden Tetrick
Richard Jones Caleb Jones
Steve Semicek Stefanos Gemelas
Anonymous Evan Childre
Brandy Mattson Amber Mattson
Paul White Timothy White
Anonymous Chase Llamzon
Jim & Kathy Benson Hudson McClellan
Anonymous Therese Bohde
Ron & Pam Daas Amber Mattson
Andrea & Claire Librizzi Eric Wheeler
Maria Berger Peter Berger
Dave Chaffin Hudson McClellan
Mark Benson Evelyn McCullough
Alice Batt Owen Benner
Anonymous Jacob Strnad
Alex Ayala Karia Mata
Anonymous Tyler Hudson
Anonymous Seth Womack
Richard & Marcia Harrison Brooke Roth
Fred & Evelyn Johnson Julianna Fletcher
Midea Family Julianna Fletcher
Anonymous Erich Brady
Steve & Pam Hudson Tyler Hudson
Mary Itaya Tyler Detering
Tracy & Mark Soloman Alexander Kleen
Shannon Mauzy Dalton Hooke
Jesse & Ginger Benes Nicholas Martinez
Bernadette Roth Brooke Roth
Zach & Wendy Svensk Amber Mattson
Kelly Greenlee Jack Greenlee
Steven Thatcher Colton Simmons
Anonymous Owen Tierney
Janis Nishimoto Tyler Detering
Anonymous Brandon Dowell
Christina Ciancio-Shor Gariella Parsons
Anonymous Bradley Carioti
Linda Quillin Matthew Romero
Kellie & Geoff Stevens Andrew Stevens
Faye Thornton Samuel Allison
Jill Noble Mackenzie Martin
Mark & Cindy Stephenson Alelxander Mah
Alison Hemmert Kyle Cleven
Lois Hart Kyle Recker
Anonymous Brayden Autele-Acera
Tytus Tanaka Brayden Autele-Acera
Anthony & Monya Gaston Brayden Autele-Acera
Jean Richards Emma Brandewiede
Steve Covington Ethan Masters
Dot Vangel Grishok Thayanithy
Paul Caruso Gerard Brown-Eckstein
Mr. & Mrs, Merle Loetz Brady Vander Ley
Shannon Siu Tyler Detering
Rebecca Spencer Caleb Gammill
Laura Trent Isaac Trent
Jorge Beltran Timothy Cashman
Marian Cashman Timothy Cashman
Sylvia Gillis Victor Salcido
James Cashman Timothy Cashman
Ann Knotek Martin Wilson
Kenneth W. Stechschulte Jack Greenlee
Emily Britton Maggie Armstrong
Rachel Roselewsi Joseph Karpilo
Kacie Kato Brayden Autele-Acera
Anonymous Cadence Wehneman
Anonymous Jack Martin
Anonymous Dalton Hooke
Jason Dimiceli Emma Duncan
Cindy Butcher Ian Haas
Babb’s Plumbing & Mechanical
Skyler Wilson
Paige Nelson Amber Mattson
Anonymous Nikolas Martinez
Anonymous Christin Kuemerle
Cory & Lynn Mattson Amber Mattson
Anonymous Maggie Armstrong
Chris Martin Jack Martin
Kelly D. Wyatt Kyle Recker
Anonymous Jonah Hammett
Thomas Allison Samuel Allison
Wandrei Family Justin Heasley
Doug Batt Owen Benner
Nicole Matkowsky Eric Day
Anonymous Connor Page
ANONYMOUS Duncan Campbell Roshan Hall
Roger Fisher & Lisa Itaya Tyler Detering
Ethan Masters Aaron, Kayla, & Lindsey Masters
Drew and Tonya St John Eddie Lowery
T. Greenlee Ellis Jack Greenlee
Masters’ Family Ethan Masters
Caleb Gammill Niki Gammill
ANONYMOUS Tyler Hudson
David Todd Bradley Guilbeau
Beth McCullough Evelyn McCullough
Vagay Family Brayden W Autele-Acera
Neil Wehneman Cadence Wehneman
David Duncan Emma Duncan
Dalton Steven-Garet Hook Reed Hooke
Evan Childre Alana and Andrew Childre
Aydin Esteban Fuhlbrigge Dani Alvarez
Richard Howard Justin Heasley
Jim and Kelli Albert Isaac Trent
Cassie Markham Gabreela Parsons
Eric & Debbie Marshall Brody Quinn
Sam & Julie Moore Tyler Detering
The Vaughn Family Emma Duncan
Lonnie and Kandice Kylel Recker
Lori Dixon Mackenzie Martin
Anonymous Emma Duncan
Anonymous Glenn Hermann
Shannon Grauzer
Gina Jones Gabe Lopez
Gina Jones Noa Kobe
ANONYMOUS Luis Verduzco
Brian and Melissa Wehneman
Cadence Wehneman
Lorraine E Kostka Samuel LaSalle
The Moss Family Andrew Stevens
Anonymous Katelynn Hyde
Anonymous Maggie Armstrong
Glenn Kuemerle Kristina Kuemerle
The Sedberry Family Andrew Stevens
Greg and Christine Kleen Alexander Kleen
Alicia Peters Victor Salcido
Anonymous Cadence Wehneman
Kate McCullough Evelyn McCullough
Derek Willingham and Family
Jonah Hammett
Anonymous Kyle Cleven
Joe and Tina Fouts Stefanos Gemeles
Pat Tetrick Camden Tetrick
Tony Antonelli
Paul & Cheryl Goldsworthy Carter Goldsworthy
Beth Davis
Tony & Krista Bommarito Stefanos Gemeles


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