The Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps has ​been performing ​their 2014 production “That One Second” ​for thousands nationwide​. The show and its concept that “life is a gift” is continuing to create waves in the drum corps community as people begin to reflect on their own personal “one second”. The following story was submitted to us by ​Steve Chleborad, a drum corps ​ veteran, who was inspired to tell us about ​his “one second” …

LINCOLN, NE – I caught the Blue Knights in Omaha this season and really enjoyed the show.  I don’t want to date myself, but I’m 60 years old and retired.  I was a timing judge (old time drum corps) and I timed the Blue Knights in probably 1970 at Chadron and Alliance Nebraska, and 1972 in Kearney, Nebraska.  I marched in a small corps from Alliance called the Vagabonds from 1968-69.

Any way enough of that.  These days sometimes it’s hard for me to figure out what concepts the today’s drum corps are trying to express.  I had a heart attack a year ago this past April, and I can very much relate to that one second.  I recovered and was well taken care of and am doing well now.  The gratitude and the understanding, I get it.  Very enjoyable show, that probably hit me on a level that others didn’t have.  For me, probably the best show I have seen the Blue Knights do.  The drum corps I was in had members from the Casper Troopers instruct us, so they have been special to me also, but I will let you know I purchased a Blue Knight T-shirt at the Omaha show, and will where it at the quarterfinal show in the theater here in Lincoln, NE becuase of this emotionally-charged show.  Good luck this year.

Steve Chleborad
Lincoln, NE.

If you would like to share a story about “that One Second” that has changed your life in some way, please contact us at


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