Why do the Arts Matter? Because…

DENVER, CO – On Saturday, July 11th, Ascend Performing Arts hosted an iconic show of the drum corps season: Drums Along the Rockies. Four students from Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village, CO won VIP tickets to Drums Along the Rockies and were personally escorted around to Blue Knights’ warm up zones of their choice, had the opportunity to watch Bluecoats and Blue Knights from the front sideline, as well as receive free BKMarketplace merchandise.11411837_10153497520261908_1712529469000765564_o

So, why was this incredible experience to be had?  Because…an intelligent, driven student whose prior experience is high school band is typically blown away by the idea of drum corps. Alan and Ryan were familiar, but not to the level they experienced. They were shown the true passion in each performer’s body, mind and spirit both on and off the field. These students are inspired at the highest levels and are motivated by these inspirational and hard-working people.

Alan Beals, Ryan Beckett, and each of their friends gratefully thank Sarah Anderson, Communications & Marketing intern and member of admin staff for showing them the ultimate drum corps experience. “Alan and his friends were fantastic. I had a blast getting to show them around and telling them about what my life is like for 5 summers now, and why I just can’t seem to get away. It was a great experience getting to share my passion with these talented kids and impact their lives.” –Sarah Anderson