2017 BKPE Show Announcement: The Cave

DENVER, CO – The Blue Knights World Percussion Ensemble is pleased to announce the 2017 production, “The Cave”.

Deep below the planet’s surface lies a dark place inhabited by a small clan of humans surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. Within this place, there is a cave containing a large crystal that can influence the emotions and actions of those who encounter it. While the people of the cave cherish this crystal, little do they realize it’s not as flawless as it seems…

This year, the members and staff of the Blue Knights have chosen to enter The Cave and explore what lies beneath as they embark on our 24th year as a WGI Independent World Class ensemble.

∴ View the 2017 Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble cast here

∴ Learn more about the 2017 Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble staff here


The Blue Knights would like to dedicate their 2016 production to Keith Nygaard who passed away earlier this year. Keith was a former member of the Blue Knights World Percussion Ensemble for several years. According to his friends, Keith was “an incredible musician who brought so much joy to this world by inspiring hundreds of young marching musicians to follow their dreams.” A scholarship has been established by his family to benefit future Blue Knights. To learn more about Keith Nygaard, please visit here.