DENVER, CO – “Mightier”, The Blue Knights World Percussion Ensemble’s 2016 Production, is based upon the familiar saying, “The Pen is mightier than the Sword” and was inspired by the artwork of Jake Weidmann (website), a Denver artist and the youngest certified Master Penman of only eleven in the world today.

“Battles are fought. Wars are won. But, it is because of the Pen that they are even remembered.” ~Jake Weidmann

This year’s show consists of 5 sections:

Introduction – “The Pen”
“The Struggle”


Mightier graphics created by Ivan Fees.

The concept behind “Mightier” is a direct metaphor for all of us involved in the indoor activity as well as music in general. As in any art, we must choose our instrument of artistic creation. In writing, the pen is that instrument. The Penman’s medium is paper. In indoor drumline, ours is the floor.

In order to reach our goals and succeed in any activity, we must begin with the basics in order to achieve higher levels of skill and to progress from novice to Master. The most basic element in writing is the Stroke, just as it is, ironically, in drumming.

Ultimately, the title “Mightier” means that we can be mightier than our circumstances in any path we choose.  It’s about who we are, what we do, and how we do it. If we can stand up and face the struggle and the hard work it takes to succeed at whatever we desire to achieve, then we are truly Mightier. We are capable of overcoming any obstacle that gets in the way of our goals as teachers, performers, designers, and, most importantly, as people.

This year, the members and staff of the Blue Knights have chosen to be Mightier, to overcome our own challenges in order to write a new, fresh page in our 23 year history as a WGI Independent World Class ensemble.

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The Blue Knights would like to dedicate their 2016 production to Lynn Lindstrom. Lynn was a dear friend and supporter of the Blue Knights World Percussion Ensemble for many years. If anyone ever embodied what it means to be “Mightier”, it was Lynn. If it wasn’t for her hard work and life long dedication to the Sport of the Arts, this ensemble would not exist today.