Board of Directors Annual Retreat 2016

DENVER, CO – The Board of Directors and staff of Ascend Performing Arts spent Saturday, November 5 meeting at the Inverness Hotel South of Denver to review the 2016 year and evaluate the organization’s progress in relation to its strategic plan for the future.

The first order of business was to welcome two new members to the Board.  Chuck Murphy of Colorado Springs and David Siddle of Centennial will join current members Darrell Griffin, Scott Factor, Greg Andersen, Aaron Greco, Scott Weidner, Jane Akdoruk, Stacey Coleman and Ex-Officio members Ken Adams, Doug Kelly and George Lindstrom. The board was joined by Ascend Executive Director, Mark Arnold and staff members Rosalie Danskin, GM Kuzma, and Thelma Fung. Also in attendance were Volunteer Coordinator Keith Huffman and Alumni Coordinator Alex Factor.


“We are so proud of the way we have been able to deliver our life changing programs to a greater number of youth,” said Board Chairman Darrell Griffin. “We recognize our ability to build upon this success is dependent upon meeting the challenge of assuring the long-term financial stability Ascend Performing Arts. Proper strategic planning is key to this endeavor.”

The morning was spent reviewing the various ensembles, events, and educational clinics along with the financial plan currently in place to support the delivery of Ascend’s mission to the participating students. In the afternoon, the focus was on examining  potential ways to expand our programs and improve upon the long-term financial stability of Ascend Performing Arts.

“Our Board of Directors has been instrumental in the success we have experienced over the past several years,” said Ascend Executive Director Mark Arnold. “The success of our Drum Corps and the expansion of our programs are the result of foresight and responsible management as guided by our strategic planning process.”