Historical Scores

WGI: Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble

The Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble is a 4-time Winter Guard International World Champion and a 27-time Rocky Mountain Percussion Association State Champion in the Percussion Independent World Class. If you have information to add to this page, please contact: [email protected]

Year Show Director Score Placement
 2022 “Broken” Keenan Evans 86.675 15th Place
 2021 “Be Water” Keenan Evans N/A (WGI Virtual Performances)
 2020 “We Are” Keenan Evans N/A (WGI Season canceled due to COVID-19)
 2019 “The First Incarnation” Mike Nevin 84.125 Semifinals
 2018 “Distorted” Mike Nevin 80.763 Prelims
 2017 “The Cave” Mike Nevin 81.750 Prelims
 2016 “Mightier” Mike Nevin 83.375 Prelims
 2015 “The World’s A Stage” Amanda Montemayor 82.475 Semifinals
 2014 “bit x bit” Amanda Montemayor 85.413 Prelims
 2013 “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” Jason Keeling 88.463 12th Place
 2012 “BK Crew” Jason Keeling 84.475 12th Place
 2011 “Physical Graffiti” (World Class Fan Favorite Award) Jason Keeling 92.025 6th Place
 2010 “Reactions” David Killinger 86.888 10th Place
 2009 “The Metaphorest” David Killinger 89.588 9th Place
 2008 “iDrum” Peter Bretz 91.750 6th Place
 2007 “H2O” Peter Bretz 94.150 3rd Place
 2006 “Dwellers of the Infernal Abyss” Peter Bretz 93.500 5th Place
 2005 “In the Mind of Madness” Peter Bretz 94.350 4th Place
 2004 “The Speed of Sound” Dan Burke 92.600 4th Place
 2003 “The Zodiac” 96.250 1st Place
 2002 “Line, Shape, Texture & Color” 95.050 2nd Place
 2001 “In The Lot” 95.600 2nd Place
 2000 “The Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water” 95.950 1st Place
 1999 “Airborne: A Brief History of Flight” 97.100 1st Place
 1998 “Circular Momentum” 95.000 2nd Place
 1997 “Landscapes of a Wondering Mind” 96.150 2nd Place
 1996 “Spheres of Influence” 90.400 3rd Place
 1995 “The Nexus” 85.900 2nd Place
 1994 “A Knight Groove” 93.000 1st Place
BKPE Open Ensemble
 2006 “Trimurti” 88.450 6th Place
 2005 “Ambigrams” 82.050 10th Place
 2004 “Seven Shades” N/A N/A
 2003 “On the Waterfront” David Killinger N/A N/A
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