If you are new to the drum corps activity, or to the Blue Knights organization, we’re sure you may have some questions! Every summer we work hard to ensure that the Blue Knights Experience is a safe, enjoyable, and life-changing for your young performer. To help make that experience great is ensuring that parents have access to all the information they may need to support their performer during the season.

Your student may be trying their hand at a spot for the summer with an audition, or entering as a contracted performer to being their experience for the entire summer. Either way, we are here to answer your questions and provide any support you may need.

This page is intended to highlight a few things that we find the parents and guardians of the drum corps performers are interested or curious about. We also know that parents feel most comfortable when they have a way to communicate with us and with other parents. Here are a few places where you can find information, chat with other parents, and contact us at the Blue Knights office:

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Parent facebook group

We have an official Facebook Group for parents and guardians!  This is a great place to contact other parents, share photos you might capture from the season, and ask questions that “veteran” parents know the answer to!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most preseason questions can be answered with information found in the 2024 season FAQs.


Can’t find the answer to a question?  Need help with something?  You can contact us at the office anytime!  Reach us by phone at (303) 777-1937 or e-mail us at!

Blue Knights Family Facebook Page
Shuttle Request Form
Parent Information Page
Volunteer Page

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at any time! You can send an email to [email protected]
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The audition season typically begins each year with the start of the Camps and Clinics in mid-November.  The Blue Knights host camps annually in Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, San Antonio and Houston.  In addition we hold virtual auditions.  Virtual auditions tend to be highly competitive because they aren’t as great of an opportunity for our staff to gauge ability levels.  Auditioning in person is always the best way to perform a great audition.

After this first round of auditions, a few hundred students are offered either a “callback” or a contract.  Callbacks and some other invited students attend the BKXperience Camp in Denver from December 15-17.  Then, once the callback round is complete, the Blue Knights begins it’s pre-season rehearsal schedule with the January rehearsal camp in Denver, CO from January 19-21.

The pre-season schedule is required for all contracted participants (and a select few participants still on “callback status”) is as follows:

January Musicians Camp – Denver, CO – January 19-21.

February Brass Camp – Denver, CO -February 23-25

March Brass Camp – Denver, CO – March 22-24

April Camp (all captions) – Denver, CO – April 26-28


* All pre-season dates are required (depending on section).  If missing a camp or clinic, contact your Caption Head or email [email protected].

* Costs for camps include overnight housing and food.

* Earning a contract does not guarantee a performance spot on the field.  This means that any performer may be assigned to an “understudy position” at any time.  Refunds are not offered to students who are understudies.  The position carries the same level of responsibility and “membership” in the corps as any other participant.


Spring Training is a 5-week training camp where we rehearse, design, and learn the show. Spring Training takes place at numerous high schools around Colorado. Move-in day is May 26, 2024.


The Blue Knights will perform more than 20 times at events, parades and field competitions across the US.  This exciting national tour culminates at the three-day Drum Corps International (DCI) World Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  On days without performances, the corps rehearses intensely.  About once every two weeks, the corps takes time off to reset, do laundry and have some fun.

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