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Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps — Performance History

Founded in 1958, the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps is a 23-time World Class Drum Corps International Finalist. If you have information to add to this page, please contact: [email protected]

YearProgram TitleRepertoireRankScoreClass
2019“…I remember everything”– “Sudden Throw” (Olafur Arnalds)
“Liquid” (Jay Bocook, Kevin Shah, Mike Jackson)
– “Hurt” (Trent Reznor)
– “Lonely World” (Moses Sumney)
7th92.050DCI World Class
2018“The Fall & Rise”– “Sun King” (Beatles)
– “The Rite of Spring” (Igor Stravinsky)
– “Exit Music for a Film” (Radiohead)
– “Welcome to the Machine” (Pink Floyd)
– “Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper/Robert Hyman)
9th88.925DCI World Class
2017“i”– “Concerto for Percussion & Orchestra” (Joseph Schwantner)
– “107 Steps” (Bjork)
– “Hike & Seek” (Imogen Heap)
8th90.400DCI World Class
2016“The Great Event”– Moonlight Sonata
– Gorgon (Mov. 1)
– Flight to the Wasteland (from Final Fantasy)
– Adagio & Transfiguration (from Final Fantasy)
– Arrows of the Gods (from Titus)
– Fratres
– Air Waltz
– Saturn
7th90.738DCI World Class
2015“Because…”– “Because” (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
– “Rush” (Jay Bocook, Kevin Shah, Mike Jackson)
– “Apres Moi” (Regina Spektor)
– “I’m Alive (Adam Watts)
– “Fly to Paradise” (Eric Whitacre)
6th91.850DCI World Class
2014“That One Second”– A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics (Horner, James)
– Brief Eternity (Rosner, Don)
– Hand of Fate: Part 1 of Signs (Newton Howard, James)
– To Build a Home (Watson, Patrick)
8th91.15DCI World Class
2013“NoBeginningNoEnd”– This Bitter Earth (Otis, Clyde)
– Circle One (Bocook, Jay)
– The First Circle (Metheny, Pat)
10th87.75DCI World Class
2012“Avian”– Infernal Dance (from the Firebird Suite)
– Berceuse (from the Firebird Suite)
– Finale (from the Firebird Suite)
10th86.70DCI World Class
2011“An English Folk Song Suite”– First Suite in Eb
– Molly on the Shore
– Shepard’s Hey
– Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus
9th89.20DCI World Class
2010“Europa!”– L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2: FarandoleEnigma Variation VIII (W.N.)
– IX Nimrod
– Symphony No.1, mov. 4
11th87.10DCI World Class
2009“Shiver: A Winter in Colorado”– WinterGlide
– Landslide
– Tarantella
– Coronation from ‘Stardust’
11th86.45DCI World Class
2008“Knight Reign”– Cloudburst
– Turbine
– Jeux D’eau
– Amazing Grace
9th88.25DCI World Class
2007“Dark Dances”– Piano Concerto No. 1
– Symphony No. 10
8th90.275DCI Division I
2006“Dark Knights”– Piano Concerto, Op. 387th90.125DCI Division I
2005“A Midsummer Knight’s Dream”– A Midsummer Knight’s Dream10th88.225DCI Division I
2004“A Knight’s Tale”– Trittico
– Journey
– Chase
– Battle
– I Go On
10th87.60DCI Division I
2003“Primary Colors”– Kaval Sviri
– Izpoved
– Prologue
13th85.35DCI Division I
2002“Fear & Trembling”– Piano Concerto No. 1, Op.35
– Piano Concerto, Op. 38
13th85.50DCI Division I
2001“Blue Toons”– Cartoon
– An American in Paris
– Black Market Juggler
14th83.90DCI Division I
2000“Colors of Brass and Percussion”– Movement 1 (from Montage)
– Movement 3 (from Montage)
– A Time For Love (from The Essence of Time)
– A Time For Hate (from The Essence of Time)
– A Time For Peace (from The Essence of Time)
6th92.00DCI Division I
1999“Suite for Brass & Percussion”– Trittico for Brass Band
– Partita for Band
7th92.50DCI Division I
1998“Masters of the Symphony”– Allegro (from Symphony No. 10)
– Symphony No. 6: Pathetique
– Largo (from New World Symphony)
– Symphony No. 9
9th89.50DCI Division I
1997 “Ben Hur”– Prelude (from Ben Hur)
– Overture to Ben Hur
– The Battle (from Ben Hur)
– Lithe Girl, Brown Girl (from The Lovers)
– Father In Heaven (from Prayers of Kierkegaard)
9th88.20DCI Division I
1996“Music of Ron Nelson”– Rocky Point Holiday
– Sonoran Desert Holiday
12th80.70DCI Division I
1995“Legacy”– Introduction
– Main Theme
– Adagio
– Fugue
– Finale
13th81.30DCI Division I
1994“Trittico for Brass Band”Trittico for Brass Band7th88.40DCI Division I
1993“The Next Generation”– Battle of the Mutara Nebula (from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)
– Clear All Moorings (from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
– Star Trek VI Suite
– Little Green Men
10th85.00DCI Division I
1992“Portraits of Aaron Copland”– Billy the Kid
– Corral Nocturne
– Red Pony
– Chorale and Shaker Dance
9th90.00DCI Division I
1991 “Music of Ron Nelson”– Savannah River Holiday
– Outdoor Overture
– Aspen Jubilee
9th87.70DCI Open Class
1990 “Bernstein’s Mass”– Chichester Psalms
– Offertory (from Mass)
– I Go On (from Mass)
– Sanctus (from Mass)
– Agnus Dei (from Mass)
13th85.40DCI Open Class
1989 – March (from A Moorside Suite)
– Puchinello
16th81.20DCI Open Class
1988 “Music of Holst”– March (from A Moorside Suite)
– Divertimento For Band
– Pie Jesu (from Requiem)
– March (from Suite No. 1 for Military Band)
17th78.60DCI Open Class
1987 – Savannah River Holiday
– Ritual Fire Dance (from El Amor Brujo)
– Requiem
22nd73.40DCI Open Class
1986 “Rockin’ the Rockies” – Rockin’ the Paradise
– Too Much Time on my Hands
– Since You’ve Asked
– Light Up
– Thick as a Brick
– Feels Like the First Time
27th68.70DCI Open Class
1985“A Pirate’s Tale”– A Pirate’s Tale31st68.20DCI Open Class
1984 – If You Could Read My Mind
– Sweet Inspiration
– Trilogy
– Magician
– Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
– I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
21st70.70DCI Open Class
1983  31st51.70DCI Open Class
1977“From the West Side”– Somewhere (from West Side Story)
– Jet Song (from West Side Story)
– Tonight (from West Side Story)
– I Get Crazy
– Hill Where The Lord Hides
– Evergreen (from A Star Is Born)
– Maria (from West Side Story)
41st57.90DCI Open Class
1976 – Battle of Britain
– Hill Where the Lord Hides
– Battle Hymn Of The Republic
– Feelings
   DCI Class A
1975  11th48.15DCI Class A
1963   10th 60.05 VFW Nationals

*If you have information to help us complete our history, please contact: [email protected]!

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