Audition Experience & Training Schedule

Ever wonder what it feels like to perform at a “World Class” level?

To be surrounded by like-minded individuals and instructors who can draw out the very best of you?

The Blue Knights Xperience is a weekend of unparalleled instruction and camaraderie for anyone who is looking for more. Learn the exercises and techniques that have propelled the 2017 Blue Knights to its 23rd Top-12 finish at the Drum Corps International World Championships. Play next to the best and brightest—Brass, Percussion and Color Guard—learn how to prepare for performance and experience first-hand to see why your best, is yet to come.

The BKXperience presents you with a great opportunity to learn from some of the best educators in marching arts activity.  Each audition experience event offers instruction by our professional instructional staff and you will learn right alongside veteran members of the Blue Knights.

You are encouraged to come and experience the process even if you feel that you’re not quite ready to join. The experience will help you better prepare when you do decide to audition. Who knows?  You may surprise yourself!–you will never know until you try!

By clicking through the menu, you will find all the information you will need to learn about the BKXperience event. Once registered, you’ll receive an audition information packet that includes a thorough explanation of what will be expected of you as a member. Please read this document thoroughly, share it with your parents or guardians, and ask questions if there are things you don’t understand or need help with.

For the upcoming season, the Blue Knights will be holding BKXperience 1-day and 3-day camps in Colorado, Texas, Florida, Ohio, and southern California. All Prospective members and returning members are expected to attend an audition event to be considered for membership in the Blue Knights. Review the Frequently Asked Questions page for details on what is expected for Brass, Percussion, and Color Guard prospective members.

We invite you to join us to learn the techniques and methods that develop the members of the Blue Knights into one of the very best performing ensembles in the world.

About the BKXperience

Our audition process is one of “hands on training.” During the course of an audition camp weekend, you will experience what it is like to be a part of the Blue Knights and meet the staff and support personnel responsible for assuring your experience will be second to none in the activity. Key to the drum corps experience is finding an organization where you feel welcome, and confident in the staff you will be working with throughout the year.

When making the decision to offer you a spot in the Blue Knights, we will consider your talent level, attendance, overall attitude, physical health, and commitment to paying your fees. The individuals who excel in each of these areas make the strongest Blue Knights. Regardless of the outcome of your audition, we are confident you will leave camp having had a great experience learning from the best instructors in the activity.

Why Join Blue Knights?

• Respectful, positive teaching philosophy and practice while maintaining structure and expectation of maximizing performance.

• Growing recognition and appreciation in the drum corps community.

• Whole member support, including fundraising support, tailored diet (accommodate special needs) and exercise program, mentoring program, family connectivity, alumni networking, and community outreach.

• Gain enhanced life skills, such as fundraising, team building, and teaching.

2018 Fees: TBA





2018 BKX Dates & Locations:


  • SundayNovember 12th; Frisco Heritage HS, Frisco, TX. BRASS, COLOR GUARD, BATTERY, FRONT ENSEMBLE
  •  FridayNovember 17th; 19th; Denver, CO, School TBD. BRASS, COLOR GUARD, BATTERY, FRONT ENSEMBLE, DRUM MAJOR
  •  SaturdayNovember 25th; Houston; School TBD. BRASS, COLOR GUARD, BATTERY ONLY
  • SundayNovember 26th; Round Rock HS, Round Rock, TX. BRASS ONLY
  •  SundayDecember 10th; Temescal Canyon HS, CA. BATTERY, FRONT ENSEMBLE ONLY
  •  FridayDecember 15th – 17th; Denver, School TBD. BRASS, COLOR GUARD, BATTERY, FRONT ENSEMBLE, and DRUM MAJOR CALL-BACKS
  • NOTE: Additional clinics will be announced soon in South Florida and Dayton, Ohio.

Training Dates & Locations: TBA


*Move-in for All-Days training tentatively set for May 20, 2018 to Denver, CO. More details are forthcoming! Check our calendar for important dates.

Want More Info?

While the Blue Knights audition experience camp registration is now open, we are interested in learning more about you.  Click on the Interest Form button below to be notified of upcoming opportunities!