Geoff Longo

Geoff Longo is originally from Colorado where his performance career began at a very young age under the strong influence of his parents and their passion for the arts. Starting off as a national champion gymnast at age 11, dancing, singing, and acting, were a part of his everyday life.

In 2008, Geoff graduated from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy focusing on TV/film acting, stage combat, dance, and voice production/speech. He spend the next decade in LA working as an actor, and teaching Color Guard. He spent three seasons marching with The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps (2008-2010), and marched one season with Corona (2009), and The Pride of Cincinnati (2015). Geoff spent three summers (2011-2013) with The Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps on staff and as their color guard caption head and visual designer. He spent eight years (2009-2016) on staff with the Arcadia HS as a primary choreographer, technician, and designer. He spent 9 years (2014-2022) on staff with The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps in various roles from technician, choreographer, and designer. Currently, he is one of the Color Guard designers and lead choreographer for The Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps.

He has taught, consulted, designed and collaborated with many successful high schools and independent organizations around the world including, Air Academy HS (CO), Liberty HS (CO), Rampart HS (CO), Opus X World (CO), Avidity Independent (MO), Maysville HS (MO), MBI Winter Guard (MN), Emanon World (NJ), Collage Winter Guard (OH), The Blackwatch (NJ), Dawson HS (TX), Eastlake HS (TX), Seven Lakes HS (TX), Klein Oak HS (TX), and Third Coast Independent (TX). He traveled to Bahrain with Ascend Performing Arts serving as the Color Guard supervisor where the group performed for the F1 Grand Prix Opening Ceremony in 2017. In 2018, he traveled to Indonesia, where he spent time working with the NSDQ Drum and Bugle Corps helping them secure another Championship.

Geoff continues to be recognizably sought-after by numerous groups all over the country. His vast experience and knowledge, his choreographic abilities, and his passion for providing his very best are all trademarks that keep him high in-demand. Outside of Color Guard, Geoff is studying Graphic Design at Arizona State University and can always be found with coffee in hand. He loves spending valued time with his family, his partner Austin, and his close friends, enjoying the outdoors and traveling all over the world.

Choreographer Coordinator
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