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blue knights drum & bugle corps 2022


The Blue Knights Experience is a new way for you to learn, connect, interact, and engage with the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps. If you want to be a Blue Knights member in 2021, BKX is the beginning of your journey. If you want a deep exploration into the philosophy that drives the Blue Knights technique and pedagogy, BKX is that exclusive opportunity. And if you want to grow as an individual, a leader, and form life-long connections with a community, you can find your home in Blue Knights.

Become a Blue Knight

Join the BKXperience and begin your journey to becoming a Blue Knight.

BKXperience and Auditions FAQ

The Blue Knights Experience is going VIRTUAL!


BKXperience is designed to introduce you to Drum Corps through a series of interactive experiences combined with the techniques and methods that have made the Blue Knights one of the Drum Corps activities most successful and respected organizations. We want you to meet and get to know who we are and experience the culture we are so very proud of.


The BKXperience not only includes our complete interactive Dot Book but of equal importance it gives you the opportunity to interact directly with our current members and staff through master classes, leadership seminars, technique studies both musical and visual, and a live one on one half hour lesson with one of our staff).


Upon completion of the educational program within BKX, you will have the opportunity to submit your audition videos to staff who have gotten to know you and your abilities. 


BKX | Direct is our more affordable option for prospective members who want the experience of auditioning and may not be interested in all of the other educational offerings within BKX | find your home.

We strive to bring the best people we can into the Blue Knights. We want as educational and enjoyable as possible. If you are new to the drum corps experience, this may seem overwhelming, and it can be. Keep in mind that many thousands of individuals have successfully faced these challenges before you and found it to be one of the most rewarding times of their lives. Don’t be afraid to try!


As a member of the Blue Knights, you are making a commitment to your own development, and to the drum corps team. Your acceptance into the corps is the start of one of the most challenging and satisfying experiences of your life.


In order to audition for Blue Knights, you also need to be eligible to participate in Drum Corps International competition in 2021. This means you must be age 23 or younger on June 1, 2021. However, there is no age restriction on participating in the BKXperience in general.

1. Attitude
 You will need to maintain a positive attitude in challenging circumstances. The hours are long and the work is hard. You will be asked to do things that you’ve never done and work harder than you probably ever have. Your ability to stay positive and focused will help you and those around you meet the challenges you’ll face.

2. Attendance You will be expected to attend all winter/spring camps required of your section. When you attend a Blue Knights audition experience event, you should discuss with the staff any known events that conflict with camp dates. If you have a critical family or school conflict with a camp, notify your caption head(s), as well as the corps management as soon as you become aware of the issue. If we don’t hear from you, we consider the absence unexcused, which could negatively impact your membership status. You will need to clear your calendar of all conflicts.

3. Financial Responsibility Demonstrate willingness and ability to fulfill the financial commitment as described in the audition information packet made in a timely manner. Member tuition for the 2021 Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps season is $3,600. Sponsorship and scholarships are available as well as tools to help raise money to help pay for your tuition fees. More information on this will be provided soon to contracted members.

4. Performance Ability The instructional staff will evaluate your abilities on your instrument/equipment, music and marching technique, your development and progress over a period of time based on specific criteria as outlined in the audition material.

5. Health You must be physically, mentally and emotionally able to withstand the rigorous requirements of practices, performances, and travel. A complete health history and sports physical are required. If you have any doubts about this program, please discuss your concerns with corps management and medical staff.

6. COVID-19 Vaccination - It is a requirement of member participation to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before arriving to in-person training/tour for the season.

The cost of participation in a world class drum and bugle corps is an expensive endeavor, and the Blue Knights strive to keep our costs as low as possible. Member Tuition covers the cost of participation in the drum corps, including Pre-tour training housing and meals, airport shuttle transport at (Denver International Airport), national tour transportation and meals, instruction, equipment, uniforms, member wear, shoes, logistics, and administrative support. Limited additional expenses may be incurred. Contact our office for questions with fees (email).


Member Tuition for the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps 2021 season is $3,600.


The cost of participation in BKXperience and Auditions 2021 is $235, or $75 at the BKX | Direct level.

All 2020 Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps members are eligible for acceptance into the 2021 Corps provided they participate in the BKXperience, have maintained their proficiency, and can fulfill their financial requirements.

Transferred 2020 member tuition may not be used to pay for BKX.

There are still spots open in every section!
(with the exception of Drum Majors)

2020 has been a very unusual year and we would love to see everyone from the 2020 Corps return for 2021. At this time we can say there are spots available in virtually every section of the Corps as many 2020 members will be unable to participate in 2021. Completing the BKXperience will empower you to perform your audition at the highest level possible and is the path to becoming a Blue Knight in 2021.

You will upload your audition videos to be unlisted/link sharing on YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive. They will be submitted as assignments to your BKX section class under the Audition tab.

Unfortunately no. The Blue Knights cannot offer a refund for those that are unable to attend or complete the 2021 BKXperience and Auditions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately, our drum major auditions have concluded for this year. However, we hold open auditions each year, so make sure to check back with us next fall!

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