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BKX Camp Locations 2021

1 Denver – November 22-24

2 Denver – December 13-15

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Dallas – November 10

Austin – December 1

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Houston – December 7

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Los Angeles – November 17

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Indianapolis (Brass) – December 7

Indianapolis (Percussion) – December 21

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All Sections – Brass, Colorguard, Percussion:

Dallas, TX – High School A, November 10

Los Angeles – High School B, November 17

Denver, CO – High School E, November 22-24*

Houston, TX – High School H, December 7

Denver, CO – High School E, December 13-15*


Brass Only

Austin, TX – (Brass) – High School F, December 1

Indianapolis, IN – (Brass) – High School I, December 7


Percussion Only

Indianapolis, IN – High School J, December 21



* Both Denver Camps are required to audition as a Drum Major.

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