Marianna Barclay

Marianna Barclay started her colorguard career almost 20 years ago. She has spun with the University of Alabama Alta Marea, Amor winter guard (Tuscaloosa), Phantom Regiment, and Paramount Winterguard. Her education experience includes a range of high school and independent groups from the southern region, the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps, Pacific Crest, and the Blue Knights. Outside of colorguard, Marianna lives with her partner and fur babies in Denver, Colorado. She is a high school educator teaching Weight Training. Marianna is also a personal trainer and owner of Marching Arts Wellness. Mental and physical wellness for all marching members is a vital tool for a positive member experience, and Marianna is excited to work with the Blue Knights for a fourth summer in this capacity.

Color Guard Health and Wellness Specialist and Technician
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