Mark Arnold – CEO & Executive Director, Ascend Performing Arts
Daniel Belcher – Director


Austin Greene – Educational Coordinator (bio)
Leslie Gilreath – Brass Arranger (bio)
Jay Bocook – Brass Consultant (bio)
Derrick Shannon – Battery Composer/Arranger (bio)
Chris Murphree – Front Ensemble Composer (bio)
Cristian Good – Sound Designer & Audio System Designer (bio)
James Gow – Visual Designer (bio)
Jay Murphy – Visual Consultant (bio)
Tommy Keenum – Visual Consultant (bio)
*Additional staff will be announced soon.


Keith Tye – Brass Caption Head (bio) (email)
Kyler Allenson – Assistant Caption Head & Low Brass Coordinator
Matt Urbanek – High Brass Coordinator
Nick Skinner – Trumpet Instructor
Evan Woods – Euphonium Instructor
Jacob Rodriguez – Euphonium Instructor
Charlie Mercier – Euphonium Instructor
Kent Wallis – High Brass Instructor
Emilia Tanner – Trumpet Instructor
John De La Garza – Tuba Instructor
Spence Howell – Mellophone Instructor
Jarrod Briley – Tuba Instructor
Kara Whitaker – Mellophone Instructor
Alex Wahl – Mellophone Instructor
Andy Tye – Brass Consultant
Josh Talbott – Brass Consultant


Derrick Shannon – Percussion Caption Head (bio) (email)
Chris Murphree – Front Ensemble Coordinator (bio) (email)
Cristian Good – Sound Designer & Audio Systems Designer
Aaron Tucker – Audio Systems Caption Head
Matthew Black – Ensemble Specialist
Andrew McAfee – Ensemble Specialist
Andrew Fortuna – Ensemble Specialist
Alex Hinds – Ensemble Specialist
Garrett Weekley – Snare Instructor
Tim Henderson – Snare Instructor
Mike Kehoe – Snare Instructor
Josh Varab – Tenor Instructor
Trevor Dunbar – Tenor Instructor
Hunter Desjarlais – Tenor Instructor
Cory Simonich – Tenor Instructor
Matt James – Bass Instructor
Alyssa Iwinski – Bass Instructor
Zac Sterling – Bass Instructor
Nathan Connell – Front Ensemble Instructor
Julian Davidson – Front Ensemble Instructor
Kyler Altenhof – Front Ensemble Instructor
Amy Matias – Front Ensemble Instructor
Jonathan Carr – Front Ensemble Instructor
Spenser Yoder – Electronics Intern
Jeremy Otoo – Electronics Intern

Color Guard

Tracy Carter – Color Guard Caption Head (bio) (email)
Emily Yraceburu – Instructor
Chance Webb – Instructor
Jacob Tortorete – Instructor
Austin Katona – Instructor
Lauryn Heller – Instructor
Pete Marquez-Johnson – Instructor
Shavon Garcia – Choreographer


Zak Stilwell – Visual Caption Head (bio) (email)
Austin Greene – Visual Coordinator
Gary Briggs – Visual Instructor
Phillip Michanowicz – Visual Instructor
Marcelino Nambo – Visual Instructor
Matt Osborn – Visual Instructor
Jon Popham – Visual Instructor
Nicholas Robusto – Visual Instructor

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