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Ascend Performing Arts is powered by YOU. Without you, we would not be able to complete our mission of furthering the education and growth of young people through the performing arts.

Your continued support allows Ascend to achieve excellence across our 4 mission areas: Education, Ensembles, Events, and Entertainment.


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Since 1958 the Blue Knights have provided a variety of educational opportunities through its many ensembles and programs. Now, as Ascend Performing Arts, thousands of young people – across the country and around the world – have had the experience of a lifetime as a result of their involvement with us.

By contributing financial gifts or your time to Ascend Performing Arts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you help shape the lives of young people for the better. There is deep gratification knowing how you have helped them further their goals, achieve their dreams, and pursue excellence in the performing arts.

Why Support Ascend?



All youth have a need to belong. Unlike the vast number of opportunities in sports, there are few extracurricular arts activities available for musicians. Ascend programs provide a much-needed outlet for those interested in music, dance and marching arts.



Members of Ascend Performing Arts ensembles gain a transformational life experience through the lessons that competitive performance uniquely provides.



Using skills gleaned through their participation, former members have developed into effective leaders in the areas of music, at both scholastic and collegiate levels while others have found great success in areas of business, finance, law, medicine, education, philanthropy, and the military.



Ascend programs and sponsored events create an opportunity for anyone to support and celebrate the accomplishments of youth performance at the world-class level.



Attendance at Ascend sponsored clinics and participation in the Friendship Cup High School Band Competitions provide a large number of students an experience that rewards, motivates and inspires participants to reach for higher levels of performance in all endeavors.

The Arts

The Arts

Ascend programs provide a much-needed outlet for those interested in music, dance and marching arts. The organization provides opportunities for youth interested in the arts to expand their level of skills while developing them into contributing citizens.

Ascend Students need your Help

There are many ways to support Ascend. Your charitable gifts and precious time are invaluable to sustaining the lifeblood of Ascend’s mission. It would be impossible to run and organization of this size and magnitude without your support – and for that we are extremely thankful.


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