Blue Knights Winds

Ascend Performing Arts, a nonprofit performing arts organization based in Denver, Colorado, is pleased to announce a new competitive ensemble that will activate for the upcoming 2018-2019 season: Blue Knights Winds.

The Blue Knights Winds will compete in the Rocky Mountain Percussion Association (RMPA) circuit and the Winter Guard International (WGI) Winds division for the upcoming season. The group will be comprised of brass, woodwind, percussion, and visual ensemble performers and will serve as a high-caliber performance group that may also be available for educational clinics and specialized performances in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Although the Blue Knights Winds isn’t the first ensemble of its kind under the Ascend Performing Arts umbrella, it will continue to promote & support Ascend’s mission of elevating life performance in the region by “furthering the education and growth of young people through the participation of high-caliber performing arts programs that promote teamwork and discipline, develop leadership skills and enhance self-esteem.”

The new group will focus on skills and performance development for performers of any level. Performers will learn an 8-minute show that will be produced in the Fall by experienced Blue Knights staff. Due to the rehearsal and performance schedule, it is expected that most members will come from the Rocky Mountain region.


Thank you for your interest in Blue Knights Winds!  We are honored that you are considering auditioning with us as we embark into the 2019 Winter Guard International and Rocky Mountain Percussion Association season. Click below to register for the upcoming Auditions or submit a video audition!



Abraham Eng – Program Director
Ethan Goddard – Ensemble Manager


Abraham Eng – Program Director
Robbie Billings – Visual Designer
Jordan Stern – Music Arranger


Thomas Kober – Music Caption Head
Dan Gustad – Music Instructor
Joe Hills – Music Instructor
Kathleen Garcia – Music Instructor
Mark Wolocki – Music Consultant
Luke Story – Music Instructor
Brian Ebert – Woodwind Consultant
Jeffrey DesMarteau – Visual Caption Head
Becky Paschke – Visual Instructor
Lane Allbee – Visual Instructor
Jake Archibeque – Visual Instructor


The Blue Knights Winds schedule for the 2019 season is subject to change and will be updated here. Current as of January 24, 2019.


– Sunday, 8/26/18: BKX Open Clinic 10am-6pm @ Englewood HS


– Sunday, 9/2/18: BKX Pre-Audition Clinic 10am-6pm @ Englewood HS
– Sunday, 9/9/18: BKX Audition Clinic #1 10am-6pm @ Englewood HS
– Sunday, 9/16/18: BKX Audition Clinic #2 10am-7pm @ Englewood HS


– Sunday 11/11/18: BKW Final Audition & Rehearsal 10am-6pm @ Englewood HS
– Saturday 11/17/18: *OFF* BKDBC Audition Camp @ Englewood HS
– Sunday 11/18/18:*OFF* BKDBC Audition Camp @ Englewood HS
– Sunday 11/25/18: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS


– Saturday 12/1/18: Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 12/2/18: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 12/8/18: Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 12/9/18: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 12/15/18: *OFF* BKDBC Audition Camp @ Englewood HS
– Sunday 12/16/18: Rehearsal (TBD) @ Englewood HS
– Saturday 12/22/18: Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 12/23/18: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 12/29/18: Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 12/30/18: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS


– Saturday 1/5/19: Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 1/6/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 1/12/19: Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 1/13/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 1/19/19: Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 1/20/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 1/26/19: Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 1/27/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS


– Saturday 2/2/19:Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 2/3/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 2/9/19: RMPA Eval Show @ Standley Lake HS (map)
– Sunday 2/10/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 2/16/19: RMPA Show #1 @ Highlands Ranch HS (map)
– Sunday 2/17/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 2/23/19: Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 2/24/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Englewood HS

MARCH 2019

– Saturday 3/2/19: RMPA Show #3 @ Harrison HS (map)
– Sunday 3/3/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 3/9/19: WGI Denver Regional @ Highlands Ranch HS (info) (map)
– Sunday 3/10/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 3/16/19: RMCGA Exhibition @ Chaparral HS (info)
– Sunday 3/17/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Englewood HS
– Saturday 3/23/19: RMPA Show #5 @ Longmont HS (map)
– Sunday 3/24/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Saturday 3/30/19: Rehearsal (4pm-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS
– Sunday 3/31/19: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS

APRIL 2019

– Saturday 4/6/18: RMPA State Championships @ USAF Academy (info) (map)
– Sunday 4/7/18: Rehearsal (8am-8pm) @ Martin L. King MS and Send Off Show (5pm) @ Standley Lake HS
– Thursday-Monday, April 11-15: WGI Tour to Dayton, OH (map)


In 2019, the Blue Knights Winds ensemble will continue the tradition of excellence set by the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble that helped pioneer indoor percussion in WGI in the early 1990’s and the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps that has become a consistent Top-12 Finalist in Drum Corps International (DCI). It will also continue the legacy of indoor winds set forth by the Blue Knights Winter Brass Ensemble in 2005-2007 that was founded and directed by Abe Eng. This season, the Blue Knights Winds earned their first RMPA Championship in Winds Independent Open class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Submit an “Interest Form” to get the latest updates on this new Blue Knights ensemble here!
Keep checking and for more information and updates as we will put more information there over the coming months.
Also, join our Blue Knights Winds Interest Group on Facebook to join the conversation and ask questions here:

If you have any further questions, please contact Ethan, BKW Ensemble Manager, at or 303-777-1937.

There are many volunteer opportunities within the Blue Knights Winds during our competitive season! Visit our Volunteer page to see all our needs or email for more information regarding help.

Although attending one of our September or October BKXperience-Audition! Clinics for the Blue Knights Winds certainly gives us the best opportunity to evaluate your talents (and you the best opportunity to show us your talents), you may submit a video audition under certain circumstances.

If it is determined that a Video Audition is appropriate, your caption head will email you a link with instructions on how to submit your video. Audition material will be e-mailed in your transaction receipt as download links. Follow the instructions and email a video link (such as an UNLISTED YOUTUBE VIDEO) to your caption head below after you pay your fee.

Membership Tuition fees cover nearly half of the operational cost for the ensemble. Tuition will be determined before auditions and briefed to prospective members prior to receiving a Member Contract.

The Blue Knights Winds performs in the Independent Open class at RMPA competitions and the WGI Regional held in Denver. These competitions are typically held on Saturdays. The ensemble will also travel to Dayton, Ohio to compete in the WGI Winds World Championships, which are held mid-April.

The Blue Knights Winds rehearses on weekends starting after auditions in November. All rehearsals are mandatory.

There are three important components to the complete audition process:

1. A musical assessment will be held at the very beginning of each season to determine which part you should play. This is executed first, with an individual audition, and second, in an open-teaching environment where each performer will play and learn the music in an ensemble setting. Individual auditions will occur as part of the pre-season BKXperience Audition clinics and will look at skill levels already presented within the musical assessment.

2. A visual assessment on marching and knowledge basis.

3. An on-going evaluation of your overall attitude and previous experience takes place during each session to determine someone’s potential within their placement in the Blue Knights Winds.

Please note that the procedure described above applies to potential basis on each person selected. It is best understand that everyone will learn a great deal during a season and students who are not offered up position on the instrumentation desired can be put on a plan that will guide that performer into the preferred instrument in future marching seasons.

The Blue Knights Winds is open to anyone (no age limit for WGI Independent Winds units at this time). We are not affiliated with any particular school or district, so anyone is eligible to join. Membership is determined at auditions. It is required for all members to be part of a placement assessment in order to be a part of our ensembles. Auditions in all ensembles occur before each respective season begins. It is best to check our recent news for any and all updates on when each audition is scheduled.

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