What to expect while volunteering for a weekend camp

Thank you for volunteering (or considering it) to help us create a successful camp experience for our auditioning and returning members!

Volunteering is work, but it is also fun.  We have a lot of laughs and share our experiences.  This is a great opportunity for parents of a first time auditioner/member – even out-of-state ones that wish to come along and learn more about what their child is venturing into.  What follows is an overview of what to expect if you come out to help us.

Sign Up to Volunteer
We have online signups to let you choose what roles you would be willing to fill as a volunteer.  We post these on our website HERE and Facebook pages about a month prior to the event.  Drop in volunteers are welcome but we need to fill up the signups to know we have things covered.   You must let us know when you sign up if you will be housing with us as a volunteer (more below on that).

Volunteer Badges
Early in the week of camp your name will be sent in to have a badge and lanyard made for you. This should be worn while on school premises.  It’s a security item that helps let members, students, and staff know you are expected to be there. Pick up a badge and lanyard at the badge table during check-in or from the camp volunteer coordinator.  When done for the weekend you can drop the badge off for use at the next camp.

Volunteer T-Shirts
We hope to give every volunteer a volunteer t-shirt to keep.  We may sometimes run out of popular sizes but are constantly ordering more.  If you did not get one from a previous stint, please ask the volunteer coordinator or head cook for one.

Staying Over at Camp
Volunteers – especially parents of out of town members – are welcome to stay over at camp.  It’s a great way for you to fully experience the activity and drum corps environment.  A separate classroom is set aside for volunteers to bunk down.  Bring what ever you want to sleep on and in/under to stay warm and cozy.  The school locker rooms are available for showering so bring a towel and other toiletries.  Please make a note in the volunteer sign up if you plan to use our housing.  We can even provide airport shuttle service for you – just send us your travel details.

Younger Siblings
Not that we don’t like smaller kids, but we need our volunteers focused on the tasks at hand.  We don’t have anyone to supervise the well being of younger kids while you are working as a volunteer.  However, we can allow youth ages 14 and older the opportunity to volunteer with you.  No permission slip is necessary for them if you are also there volunteering.

Use of School Equipment
This is primarily aimed at food service personnel, but consider ALL of the school’s equipment (bowls, cutting boards, knives, towels, soap, sanitizer, pans, trays, ladders, …) as off-limits.  Sinks, counters, outlets, mops/brooms, and usually refrigeration/freezer are OK to use.  Please use the equipment and supplies that we bring along.  Ask the head cook if unsure about an item.

Clean Up
On Friday before we move into the kitchen area, someone (typically Mark Arnold or the head cook) will go through and take “before” pictures.  Sunday around lunchtime and certainly before we leave we will wipe down all surfaces and mop the floors and move everything back into its Friday location.  WE WILL leave the kitchen in the same configuration in which we found it AND CLEANER.  The “before” photos will be brought up to compare and make sure there will be no reason for complaints from the school about how we treated their facilities and equipment.

Free Time
Keeping to the schedule to keep the program flowing and the members fed takes priority.  However, there is often time available to go watch activities, take a shower, or just zone out for a bit.  Please make sure you don’t stay away too long and it’s probably best to check with the head cook to see when you should be back.

Time Commitment
There will be some people (and the more the merrier) that will spend the entire weekend volunteering.  For those that can help but not for that extended duration, most shifts are about 4-hours long.  Sign up for one, two in row, one a day, or any combination that you are capable of.

Food Prep Position
We will usually have a set menu from camp to camp.  Washing, chopping, mixing, pouring, slicing, heating, boiling, serving, cleaning, …  Some meals we can prep ahead but it’s usually just following the lead and plan of the head cook for the camp.

Head Cook Position
The person responsible for coming up with the menu and shopping list.  Likely the one doing the pre-camp shopping and bringing supplies from corps hall.  Keep everyone on track with meal prep.

Van Driver Position
Make runs to/from the airport as needed.  These can happen anytime during the day or night, but mostly during Friday afternoon and evening and Sunday morning and afternoon. No CDL or special license is required.  Only a standard valid automobile drivers license.  We usually have a 15 passenger van (or vans) available.  Occasionally we may ask if you can use your personal car.

Check-in/Registration Position
You will help with getting attendees checked-in and registered and paid.  This does require at least half the crew to supply a laptop.  You will help attendees use a web browser to pay at an online site (and may collect non-credit card payments) and you will use a Google spreadsheet to indicate they are at camp.  Some of you will also help issue name badges and just help point attendees in the right direction.

Medical Staff Position
If you have ability to help with treating of altitude or other sickness, paper cuts, jammed fingers and the like – please indicate that when you sign up and let us know what certifications you have if any.

Other Jobs
Food prep and van driver are our primary needs, but there may be other miscellaneous jobs like supply loaders posted as needed.

Want to learn more? Check out our Support page!

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